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July 23, 2010

Dan Forsman


Q. How did your round go today?
DAN FORSMAN: I started out a little bit iffy, but I made some good saves on 1 and 2, good pars, scrambling pars and didn't lose the 3-under round yesterday, and that was comforting.
Kind of parred along, didn't really have anything it going, was a little dicey with my swing. Didn't feel right on today, not spot-on. Wasn't as confident as yesterday but I made a really good birdie on 9 to go 1-under. I hit it just in the right rough, about 190 to the flag with a 6-iron and bounced it up about 12 feet right of the hole and knocked it in for a birdie. That got me settled, if you will; on this golf course to get under par out here is so big for your momentum.
10, I almost made birdie there. It was going in and it caught the edge and lipped out. I thought maybe if I could have gotten to 5 there but it didn't happen. You just know how important those are. You just know how important that momentum is to your round out here.
So anyway, made a couple bogeys in a row. I bogeyed the par 3, 14. I was in-between clubs, took an 8-iron, it hits right against the top of the bunker. The pin is cut front left, hits on the top of the bunker comes down and I make bogey. And now I make a bogey on a short par 3 like that, and you know it's going to affect your momentum.
The very next hole, the par 5, I hit a good drive down the fairway and unfortunate bounce, the fairways are running, goes right up against the wall of the bunker. I have no shot. Blast out, 1-iron out to the green, pitched it up to about 20 feet or so, and got it to about eight feet and missed that for par. So now it's two bogeys in a row.
And now you're thinking, my gosh, you can't let this momentum -- the wind is picking up and you have this fearsome finish coming at you. 14, I played a 3-wood up and knocked that in for birdie to get back to even par. And I played really well coming in, made some brilliant shots, if I may say so, solid where I needed to put them. 16 I hit to 12 feet for birdie and missed that. 17, I hit a 5-iron eight feet right of the hole and burned the edge of the cup. And 18, drove it right down the heart of the fairway and put it on the front of the green and 2-putted from a pretty difficult portion of the green to 2-putt.
To shoot even par and walk away even par, Old Man Par is never a bad score, particularly on this golf course.

Q. How were the conditions today, as opposed to yesterday?
DAN FORSMAN: Obviously it's nice when you don't have to have the umbrella and rain suit out. It was fantastic early on, the wind seemed to pick up on No. 5, and the rest of the day it started to rear itself and affect play. It dried out the fairways and it started to dry out the fringe of the greens, and it became more and more difficult to judge the wind.
And the other thing that's difficult out here is you're playing shots off these very tight lies with iron clubs that are buffeted by the wind when they get up out there, because they are swinging dramatically because you're coming down steep to trap the ball. And that has a really difficult affect at how you judgment the distance and get it right and find the humps and hollows that are so subtle on this golf course and allow you to hit it close to the hole.

Q. You've got to like your position.
DAN FORSMAN: I do. I do. This guy here (Corey Pavin), he birdied 16 to go 6-under, and he has a 3-wood out at 18, but he's a shot-maker, this man. There's a reason he won the U.S. Open. And you know, there's a lot of great players as well.

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