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July 23, 2010

Brendan Steele


BRENDAN STEELE: Well, I know that in the front, I wasn't too far off. But this course, it's not hard to get on the greens. It's not bad today.
I'm a little disappointed because I made a couple bogies on the way in. But overall I've been pretty solid, so I like my chances.

Q. Was the wind blowing?
BRENDAN STEELE: You know, I misjudged the shot into 18 a little bit. We couldn't figure out if it was going right to left or what was going on. I thought it was a pretty good shot. Just kind of went along and then I hit a 3-putt on 13. So couple 3-putts today.

Q. 11, 2 was the other one?
BRENDAN STEELE: 2. 11 was a good bogey.

Q. Oh, how so?
BRENDAN STEELE: Made about a five-footer for bogey (laughing).

Q. (Indiscernible)?
BRENDAN STEELE: I made the cut, I finished like 50-something the first year, and then I messed up. I feel like it was a good course for me, but I haven't been playing that well coming into it in the past. I'm playing pretty well now. I think it sets up well.

Q. Why is it a good course for you?
BRENDAN STEELE: I've been striking the ball really, really well, and there is a really high premium on that this week because the fairways are so small. And it's really important to be on the fairway.
So for the last couple of weeks, I could really get away with hitting it off line, and hitting it on the green and making a lot of putts. I've been hitting it down the middle of a lot of fairways, and it's just like in the 50-yard fairways. So I felt like it helps me a little bit this week by making it harder on other guys.

Q. What were the greens like today compared to yesterday?
BRENDAN STEELE: They were for sure -- the three-putt on too, I didn't think they were going that fast.

Q. What about the first putt?
BRENDAN STEELE: About 30 feet. There was a little ridge. I was over the stick there, and there is a ridge kind of on the other side of the hole. You can hit it that hard. And when it got over the ridge, it just got away.

Q. Did you have the wind the whole way around?
BRENDAN STEELE: Yeah, we did have it all the way around. They just cut them a little bit, and it was running a little bit better. In the morning they always are a little better anyway.

Q. Did you talk to the superintendent to see what he thinks about it?
BRENDAN STEELE: Yeah (laughing).

Q. Yesterday's scores were surprisingly low. Greens are softer than usual here.
BRENDAN STEELE: They're starting to get firm with the wind and stuff.

Q. Starting to?
BRENDAN STEELE: Yeah, definitely. Yesterday, I mean the first couple of days of practice and yesterday they were still pretty soft. So when the rough's not quite as bad as it's been before, and we didn't get much wind yesterday. So it was doable. It's a lot tougher now.

Q. Today's just kind of par's good?
BRENDAN STEELE: Yeah, par's good. The fairways are small enough anyway. When you get the wind blowing like on 10 and 11, it's going dead left to right, and those holes go to the left anyway with the bunkers on the hole. It's almost impossible fairway. 12's a pretty tough fairway too because it's going right to left. You've got the tree hanging over and you've got the bunker on the left.

Q. Are you a guy that would prefer that this course play harder?
BRENDAN STEELE: Yeah, I prefer it plays harder. For sure. I liked how it was playing today.

Q. I know some players said yesterday you get discouraged when you know you have to shoot at least 5 under par?
BRENDAN STEELE: Yeah. I moved down last week on Saturday and Sunday with 68 and 69. So, you know, playing pretty solid.

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