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July 23, 2010

Patrick Sheehan


PATRICK SHEEHAN: We've had some weeks in a row now where the greens have been soft. The only other time I played here was in '07. The whole place was rock hard. It was so hard. I think I wasn't here last year, but looking at the scores, it had to be firm line lies here too. This place is very hard.

Q. Can you talk about the last few weeks and the fairways?
PATRICK SHEEHAN: It's a big change for the fairways, but we're also starting to see some runs. But last week there was no run on the fairway. If it was off line, you were still in the fairway, and it was only going to bounce for a while.
But I by tend to make a lot of pars on the courses where guys are shooting 27 over. So for me this is an important situation because pars matter. The par 5 is one that I don't think anybody can reach that hole.
But, you know, this course is difficult, the fairways are much narrower than last week. And I don't think last week was a bad golf course. If it was firm, it would have played much tougher. But the softness just gave away to good scores.

Q. Today's a day that par this afternoon is going to be good?
PATRICK SHEEHAN: I would have been happy with par today. I made a few putts coming in, but, yeah, it wasn't like it wasn't blowing this morning. It was blowing early, and it's a hard golf course today. I think I wouldn't be surprised with the scores. I didn't see 8 coming in yesterday. It was 6 all day until Jonathan finished. I would think 5 or 6 will be the lead today if Scott Brown leads.

Q. It's a good score. Any putts coming in today?
PATRICK SHEEHAN: I made a short one there I hit. Then I made a 15-footer on 7, and about a 25-footer on 8.

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