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July 22, 2010

Tom Watson


Q. Steady round?
TOM WATSON: No, it was a struggling round and the last was an exclamation point to say, that's the way I played. I was fortunate to make six on the last hole frankly.
I was trying to play a cute shot, tried to blade an Open-bladed 5-iron, and I hit it fat.

Q. Right beside the water.
TOM WATSON: Yeah, I didn't have a shot. The ball is up by your toe up here, and tried to just get below the equate or, and I got below the equator, but I got the turf, first.
But I hit a good 3-wood in there, and I didn't suffer too bad of a fate on the last hole, but it was a struggling round of golf. I didn't hit very many good iron shots.

Q. You seemed to hit a lot of good tee shots.
TOM WATSON: I drove the ball well. I drove the ball well. Except for the last. I did not -- my iron play was very poor. I'm going to work on that and see if I can maybe change the ball position a little bit. I think the ball position is a little too far forward. May help things a little bit.

Q. Enough of a breeze there to make it a test?
TOM WATSON: Yeah, yeah, it's a good test, a good test of golf.
You had to -- Carnoustie is about the toughest test we play in an Open rotation, and wind came up just enough today to make the last few holes play tough. 15, 16 and 18, they are tough holes, I tell you. 14 is into the breeze, too, so it's no easy par 5 today, even though we all made four there, there's no easy hole there.
16, I've never had par. Now one birdie and seven bogeys.

Q. I saw you sort of swish your putter when you missed the par putt.
TOM WATSON: I was just doing that a lot today. I was angry at myself today about the way I was playing. I was struggling and I didn't like it. Let's try to sort it out on the practise tee and hope I can. We'll see what happens.

Q. You still work on these things yourself?
TOM WATSON: I've got some ideas. I've got an idea of what I'm doing, wrong. I have an idea of what I'm not doing right.

Q. Anything that reminded you of '75?
TOM WATSON: 18, the playoff hole, I was thinking about where I hit the 2-iron. I hit the 2-iron in the front third of the green and the pin was about where Haas is right there. I 2-putted from about 45 feet. Actually putted up there just past the hole and I finished the putt after Newton hit his bunker shot out about eight or ten feet. It was maybe just right where the flag was. So I was thinking about it.

Q. It was a good crowd following you.
TOM WATSON: Yeah, we had a nice crowd.

Q. Good relationship with the Scottish galleries.
TOM WATSON: I have a great respect for them. They love their golf, and I like playing golf over here. I'm sorry I didn't play very well today. Show a show, that's what I'm out here to do, and I didn't do it worth a darn today. But there's always tomorrow.

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