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July 22, 2010

Sam Torrance


Q. Conditions were pretty good, can it continue like that do you think?
SAM TORRANCE: A fantastic day to play golf on such a fantastic golf course. It's a delight to play here, it really is special but sometimes it can be impossible, but it was very playable and manageable and I played well.

Q. What do you feel about the reaction to Carnoustie? John Cook, he had never seen it before and fell in love with it right away; is that something you would expect, or does it grab people in different ways?
SAM TORRANCE: It's classic. You can't see faults in this golf course. '99 set it up too hard by the R&A and they have never done it again, and it's been perfect ever since. You can shave Carnoustie and it would play fantastic.

Q. The spies say you and your dad spent a lot of quality time on the practise range, has that been a big part of the week?
SAM TORRANCE: I wasn't in great shape with my swing and I couldn't see my dad last week at The Open, and I had a couple of chats with him and he gave me a few things to work on. I played in the Pro-Am Tuesday and I left here at 6:30 and drove to get to Largs at half-past eight, quarter to nine and we stayed there till dark, ten o'clock, and back up yesterday morning for a few hours and came here and did some more work. Fantastic; he's given me a great swing thought.

Q. Isn't this for all the great players your dad has handled, when asked about the most talented players he's always looked after, he always says you; do you feel in return you have to repay him with a certain amount diligence?
SAM TORRANCE: He is the best of course, but he's got to say me -- no, he's a wonderful coach. He's got a wonderful eye, my father. He sees things that nobody else sees.

Q. You were a hot favourite last year at Sunningdale and you didn't disappoint coming in in the top five; do you feel this owes you something here?
SAM TORRANCE: No, no. Golf doesn't owe me anything. I would love to win it, but it's a long way away.

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