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July 22, 2010

Larry Mize


Q. You have to be pretty pleased.
LARRY MIZE: I'm very pleased. I made really solid, I hit a lot of good shots, a lot of good putts and I made some really good, long two-putts out there, which you have to do around here because you're going to have some long two putts from on and off the green.
That was key, some really good, long putts I was able to save pars with, and I just, you know, took advantage of, I guess, for here somewhat of a benign day, but still tough in spots to try to get good scores in.

Q. What's the most difficult part of playing here; just the wind and just the uncertainty of club selection and things like that?
LARRY MIZE: Yeah, there's so much trouble out there. I do think -- and Sam Torrance was saying, he thinks this is the hardest of all the courses here, and it sure seems like it to me.
There's just so many bunkers to miss, and the greens are exceptionally hard over here. There's a lot of movement and they can put some pins behind bunkers; not bunkers in the front, but leaving bunkers in the middle of the green. They can stick them behind that; so you have fingers of greens more on this golf course than the others.

Q. Supposed to be okay the next three days, they said, a little less wind but as you know --
LARRY MIZE: I would love three more days like this. This is pretty good.

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