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July 22, 2010

John Cook


Q. Just before we talk about the plus points of your rounds, that bogey on 18 ended a run of something like 70 holes without going over par?
JOHN COOK: For me, that's amazing for as many mental mistakes as I've made this year. Yeah, I know I bogeyed the first hole at Montréal and the last hole here, so that's quite a run.
But I've hit some quality shots. I really haven't put myself in many positions to make bogeys. I made about an 8-footer at No. 10 today for a par, and other than that, even at Montréal, I really didn't have much sweat going, stress-free, I guess.

Q. Did you get much of a practice? I know you have not played here competitively before, but did you plan a strategy for today during the practice rounds?
JOHN COOK: Yeah, I got Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday, and I played all 18 every day. I just wanted to see as much as I could. Walking doesn't bother me. I feel like I'm still in pretty good shape for 52 and that doesn't bother me at all, and I wanted to get as many looks as I could.
Fortunately the wind blew different directions Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, so I got a good dose of it. So, yeah, today was just manage your game, just drive the ball, stay fairly aggressive. You can't lay back too far or you can't do anything.
I hit the ball in the right spots. I hit a lot of greens. I got up-and-down twice and missed one here, so other than that, I was very happy with that.

Q. Something like 17 players in red figures at the moment and conditions possibly as good as they might be over the weekend, that just shows how tough this course is?
JOHN COOK: Absolutely. I keep telling my friends and my son at home that this is the toughest course. You could tell, any conditions at all, with the rough a little bit higher, it really is brutal, but fair.
You know where you're going. There's nothing hidden. You know exactly what's in front of you. You know where everything is, so there's no funny business, you just have to hit good, quality golf shots.

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