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July 22, 2010

Jay Don Blake


Q. What was the secret of your success today?
JAY DON BLAKE: I actually thought it played pretty easy out there. There wasn't hardly any wind -- no, I'm just kidding.
I played the practise rounds, and I mean, I didn't even think -- an under-par score would be very, very tough. They have helped us out a little bit and brought the tees up on some of the holes, which is really nice.
You know, I hit a lot of good shots. Mike Reid, my playing partner says, "I never really did anything spectacular." I hit a lot of fairways and played smart shots to the greens and made some putts here and there. Just tried to execute myself around the golf course and be patient. It's a golf course that you can't be aggressive because everything runs up to the pin so much that you can't fly it to the flags like we are used to over in the courses we play in America.
I've had to learn a whole new game, which is fun, it's exciting, but it's tough. I've just tried to stay out of those death bunkers that I call them, just like, you know, it's a one-shot penalty just getting in those. You lay up with the 3-iron or 4-iron but you have to hit 3-iron or 4-iron into the green after you lay up.
It's pretty tough, tough track out there, and I'm very pleased with what I shot.

Q. Do you think in some ways they responded to what Tom Watson said about the course maybe being set up a little too difficult; have they tried to adjust it a little bit?
JAY DON BLAKE: I didn't hear that he had said that, but kind of talking amongst the players, they are saying we hope they move it up here or they have got to move it up here. 18, they moved it up 35, 40 yards. And I didn't hit a great drive but I still got 225 yard in, into the wind, it's playing 250. I mean, I'm hitting hybrid, and that ain't even enough because it hit the ditch and kicked out. I got lucky on that one.
It's nice to have them move them up. It gives us a chance, instead of hitting driver, 3-wood on par 4s it's nice to be able to hit some iron shots into them. So, thanks.

Q. Some of us, we remember you as being a stalwart of the PGA Tour, you've played almost 500 tournaments and you were on leaderboards every other time you looked but towards the end, did you have to adjust your career because of injury and maybe looking towards the senior?
JAY DON BLAKE: The latter part of my years on the Tour, with my back, my back changed my golf swing. I was trying to swing around a wounded part of my back, and that was a wrong thing to do. Should have been smarter to go back and have some things done to it so I could have been, you know, a little bit more longevity on the Tour.
But it created some problems, changed my swing, so I felt like I wanted to take some time off. I didn't feel as competitive the last few years on Tour, so I thought, you know, Champions Tour is coming up and I would like to be ready for that.

Q. Are you going to rest for the rest of the day or practise?
JAY DON BLAKE: I'm going to go rest. I'm going to go -- I haven't been sleeping that well over here, so I'm going to go take a little nap and I'll come out a little later and chip some balls, just kind of casual.

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