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July 22, 2010

Graham DeLaet


Q. Graham, how did you find the course today?
GRAHAM DeLAET: You know, it was actually -- the greens were soft, so you could really give yourself a lot of good birdie opportunities. You can tell by the scores. They were pretty low today.
And I hit the ball well enough to score, but unfortunately the putter wasn't rolling. Just I had trouble finding the speed, and I was either leaving them short or running them past the hole and a couple of three-putts.
But you know, I'm happy with the way I'm hitting it, so if I can keep doing that for the next few days, I should be in good shape.

Q. Was there a hole that really tripped you up, that kind of stumped your day?
GRAHAM DeLAET: You know, I got off to a good start and then I made double on 15, the par-5 up the hill. I had like 250 front edge, and it was perfect 3-wood. And I just hit it a little bit thin, and I had to kind of get it up a little bit over the hill and it caught some heavy grass and could barely find it. And then I only advanced about four feet from there and made double there. So I was disappointed because it was a birdie hole, and I had a good chance from there.
But I fought back, got it back under par and made a couple bogeys and then a birdie late to get it back to even. So no damage done really. We still got a long ways to go.

Q. Did your quick start give you some confidence going in early?
GRAHAM DeLAET: You know, I had some butterflies kind of starting out today a little more than normal, and I hit two good shots on the ninth hole there, first hole of the day, and two-putted for birdie and then kind of relaxed and settled in, and felt pretty good all day.

Q. The fact that the greens are sort of significantly different than what you normally play week in and week out on TOUR, is that tough adjusting to?
GRAHAM DeLAET: Yeah, like normally the greens are rolling a little faster than this, but out here because of the slopes, you can't get them going quite as quickly. There's a couple of flat putts or slightly uphill putts that I was leaving six inches, a foot short. And I mean with the greens as soft as they were today, you gotta make 10-foot birdie putts, and it just wasn't happening today.

Q. What would you say the speed is out there on the greens right now?
GRAHAM DeLAET: You know, it's kind of hard to tell because you don't have any flat putts, but I'd say they're probably rolling around 10, 10 and a half, something like that?

Q. (Indiscernible)?
GRAHAM DeLAET: Yeah. So your guess is, I guess, as good as mine.

Q. What was the reaction to your pants?
GRAHAM DeLAET: You know, I'm wearing the Canadian colors today. You know, there was a couple of people that were saying "go Canada." I felt a lot of support out there. It was great, and hopefully I can play well enough tomorrow and get enough to get into contention and be there Sunday afternoon.

Q. How do you approach the next day? With all the low scores, you're not out of it, but you haven't put yourself in position.
GRAHAM DeLAET: Yeah, the good thing is I'm off bright and early tomorrow, and everything should be soft and smooth. And if I can get off to a good start and be done by noon and just kind of see what happens, I guess, the rest of the day.
All I can do is go out and try to play the best I can tomorrow and you can't really worry about the other guys' scores.

Q. Has this been a busier week for you than normal?
GRAHAM DeLAET: Yeah, but it's been fun, Bob. I'm having a great time being back home in Canada, and there is a little bit more off-the-course stuff that I've dealt with, but it's been a lot of fun and enjoying it.

Q. Are you noticing that more people are paying attention to you now, Graham, than in other years?
GRAHAM DeLAET: You know, it's kind of flattering, I guess, to be sitting after an even-par round, which I thought was a little disappointing, and have 20 people want to interview me. So it's good. It's a lot of fun being back home, that's for sure.

Q. Someone shot 64 out there today. Are you surprised at that? Is that exceptional?
GRAHAM DeLAET: I mean obviously 6-under par is a good round of golf, especially with the rough and everything out here, but with it playing as soft as it is, it's out there.
And I mean a lot of 65s. And you know, I would have expected probably one or more either 64 or lower today. So I guess only being six back isn't too bad.

Q. Does it surprise you when you see -- obviously you see a number of places that talk about Weir names, but you, their expectations placed on you coming into this tournament. Maybe because you had the couple good rounds last week. Coming in with expectations, does that change things for you?
GRAHAM DeLAET: No. It just makes it, I guess, a little bit more fun. You know, I have high expectations of myself every single week, and it hasn't been the best year for me so far.
I feel like I'm, you know, underachieving a little bit for my own standards, but I'm having a lot of fun. I'm hanging in there, and hopefully, you know, in the next few weeks I can kind of get something going and take care of the Top 125 and even get a win.

Q. Has the hiccup been -- it was one round last week, actually solid, okay, really good and then had the bad Sunday. Has it been one round, Graham?
GRAHAM DeLAET: A lot of times this year I've missed five or six cuts by a stroke, and a lot of those tournaments I've had one bad hole, and then another one here today.
But you know, I feel like I'm playing well enough to be in contention a lot more often than I am. And you know, I really, really felt good about how I was hitting it today. Just unfortunate the putts weren't falling.

Q. Still been putters? It was putters earlier; right? I mean putting was the trick until you made the change back away --
GRAHAM DeLAET: Yeah. I mean in order to shoot low scores, you gotta putt.

Q. Can you go over your scores?
GRAHAM DeLAET: I think the only one I missed was a 3-wood on 12.

Q. We are here with Graham DeLaet. Even par 70 today. Certainly didn't take himself out of it. Graham, maybe just a quick summary of your round?
GRAHAM DeLAET: Yeah. I hit 'em beautifully. I really did. One of my best ball-striking rounds probably of the year, Top 5. I knew I was hitting it great off the tee, but I had a little trouble getting the speed of the greens, and just wasn't really rolling, I missed a couple short ones. So disappointing score after how I hit it, but at the same time thankfully my ball striking kind of kept me in it.

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