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July 22, 2010

Dean Wilson


NELSON SILVERIO: All right. Dean Wilson, 5-under par today. Why don't you just kind of give us some general thoughts on your round. Anything in particular click out there today?
DEAN WILSON: Well, I worked with my teachers the last couple of days, Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer, and they really helped me a lot. I was playing poorly, and they got me to hit the ball a little better. And so out here, you know, there's a premium on hitting the fairways, and I seemed to do that. I don't know how many I missed, maybe three or four, but I drove the ball a lot better and gave myself chances. And that was it.
You know, I made some birdie putts, hit some close and saved the ones where I needed to get up-and-down, so probably the best I could have played today, best score I could have gotten.

Q. Dean, you referenced it very briefly there, but with the first guy that's posted a real low number, is it fairways are death kind of out there, what we're hearing?
DEAN WILSON: Yeah, the rough's really long, so it's really difficult to get it to the green, if you're in the rough. It's almost impossible, so you're chipping out. So you know, to shoot a low score you have to get it in the fairway first and then from there get it on the green and make the putt. That sounds like what we do every week, but if you miss it in the rough, it's going to be tough just to, you know, get a par and get to the next hole.

Q. Just maybe one follow-up to that. What about the green complexes? Do they seem to be more manageable than actually just avoiding the rough?
DEAN WILSON: No. It's really good. I was a little worried at the beginning of the week when I first came out here and saw the hills. I was a little worried that the greens would get too fast and a lot of the greens would be unplayable; certain parts you couldn't put pins, but you know, they did a great job on pin placements and managing the speed of the greens where it wasn't ridiculous. It played great out there.

Q. You mentioned you hurt your foot. How bad is it?
DEAN WILSON: I don't know. I think I've got -- it's not that bad. It's plantar fasciitis, I think. So midway through the round it starts to hurt and I'm kind of limping out there, but if I go into the trailer and get it worked on, it feels a little better.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
DEAN WILSON: Yeah. It's just lingering, so it doesn't affect my golf, but I'm walking a little slow out there.

Q. Did you start out on 1 or --
DEAN WILSON: I started on 9.

Q. Was that a little strange when you thought -- like in a scramble I always write the score in the wrong spot.
DEAN WILSON: No. Yeah, it is a little different because you gotta make sure you put the score in the right spot. Just the way the course is set up, that's the way to go.
But I was worried about how they'd manage the tee times and people turning around, people starting on 9 kind of changes it up a little bit, but it seems to be going okay.

Q. Dean, I know you've been friendly with Mike Weir for a long time, but you've come to a lot of Canadian Opens. I don't know if one has anything to do with the other.

Q. What do you think about the direction this tournament has gone the past few years and the direction it seems to be going?
DEAN WILSON: Yeah. I started my career playing on the Canadian Tour, so I've always wanted to play the Canadian Open. When I got on TOUR, I've always wanted to come up here and play. It's a national open. So for me it's a bit more important than something that's maybe your regular TOUR event.
I think the direction that it's gone has been great. I like to see the course changes, and the courses that we've played are fantastic. Hamilton's a great course. This is a great course. I know that one in BC that we played, Shaughnessy, was it? That was fantastic, and I love coming up to Canada and playing. I always enjoy my time up here.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
DEAN WILSON: We're back at Shaughnessy next year? Yeah. You know, that rotation, I think, is great. Nothing about there's anything wrong with Glen Abbey, but you know, having a rotation and playing such good courses like this, I think it adds flavor to it, and I don't think anybody would be disappointed with it.

Q. Who (indiscernible) first, you or Mike?
DEAN WILSON: I was. I started working with them in 2004 and then Mike was struggling with his game for a bit, and he started working with them and then stopped working with them maybe about a year and a half ago.

Q. Just, you won the Old International; right?
DEAN WILSON: The International.

Q. You never got a chance to defend it, did you?
DEAN WILSON: Yeah. No. I won it and then it was canceled, so no defense.

Q. Reigning champ?
DEAN WILSON: I'm the all-time reigning champion.
NELSON SILVERIO: All right, Dean Wilson. Thank you.

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