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July 22, 2010

Melissa Reid


MODERATOR: Like to welcome Melissa Reid. Congratulations for a superb round with 66. You must be thrilled.
MELISSA REID: Yeah, it was nice. Didn't hit it great on the range this morning, so I knew on the first tee I was really gonna have to focus there. It was going to be I hard work.
But turned out my I got my rhythm during the round and holed a few nice putts, which was good.
MODERATOR: Was what the key to your good play?
MELISSA REID: I think I just didn't put myself in any trouble. I hit the fairways, hit the greens, hit my zones I wanted to hit, and then just rolled in a few good putts really.
So, yeah, it is nice.

Q. Have you been working on your putting?
MELISSA REID: Yeah, I've been working the last couple weeks with my coach. Been working quite closely on my putting, because he thinks that's a weakness in my game. So we've changed the posture a little bit, and I seem to be rolling the ball a lot nicer this week.

Q. You're playing in the football match tonight as well. Is that gonna be a highlight for you?
MELISSA REID: It's amazing, you know. We're getting to play against Zidane and a few of the other good players. It's also -- my other sport is football. Yeah, I'm really excited about playing.

Q. Can you just talk us through your round. You got going from the fifth really, didn't you?
MELISSA REID: Yeah, I hit it quite close on the fifth. A good sand wedge in there. I hold like a seven- or eight-footer.
The next hole I hit a really good -- I wanted to fade a 7-iron into that pin, which I did quite well. Again, another six-footer and holed that.
Next hole, just a conservative wedge right of the pin; holed about a 15-footer.
Bad birdie on 8.
Made up with a good birdie on 9.
Then holed a monster putt on 10 from right across the green. So my momentum just kept going really. Played a bit conservative and then holed a few more good putts coming in.

Q. You breakthrough with your first European Ladies Tour victory in Turkey this year. How important is this tournament on the calendar?
MELISSA REID: It's huge. It's a good opportunity to get your world rankings up and a good opportunity to play against the best players in the world, you know, and see how you compare and what you need to work on.
You know, my personal opinion is I think you need to play against the best players every single week. You can only get better if you do that. It's a fantastic event, and all the ladies on the LET are desperate to win and to play in this event.

Q. This is your first time here?
MELISSA REID: No, my second time. Yeah, second time. First time was last year.

Q. Do you feel different now having won once?
MELISSA REID: Yeah, you know, I feel like I've not -- you know, obviously I played well in Turkey, but I feel like I've not played my A Game yet this year but I've still managed to finish top 10 most weeks.
So I certainly feel that my game is going in the right direction. That obviously gives you a bit of confidence. And then you play an event like this and you see how you compare against the big girls.
So it was quite nice to shoot 66 today. Proved to myself that I can do it.
MODERATOR: Thanks. Good luck the rest of the tournament.

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