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July 22, 2010

Morgan Pressel


MODERATOR: We're here with Morgan Pressel. Congratulations on a first round 66. Can you talk a little bit about your round today.
MORGAN PRESSEL: Yeah, it was a very solid day. The only fairway I missed was on the last hole, and it was because it kind of got a weird bounce.
I hit 15 greens. I felt like I was striking the ball well and gave myself a lot of chances.
MODERATOR: How was the golf course playing today?
MORGAN PRESSEL: I thought it was playing well. A little bit cooler and overcast. A little bit of rain there on the back nine. It was a little bit firmer than maybe in practice. We weren't getting whole a lot of roll out there.
I don't know. I thought the pins were in good spots. Not easy spots, but challenging spots. Nothing kind of funky. I thought the golf course played well. I also shot 66, so I guess I'm a little biased.

Q. How do you feel the season is going?
MORGAN PRESSEL: Yeah, I mean, it's going okay. I had a big win in Japan, and I've played all right on the LPGA Tour. I haven't played great. I've had a couple good finishes. I feel like I've just been continually building on it.
Today was really the first day where I felt solid all around pretty much all year, and so that's encouraging to me with this event here and next week also, of course, with the British Open.

Q. How many putts did you have today?
MORGAN PRESSEL: 27, which isn't a terribly low number. But when you hit 15 greens, like I said, that makes sense.

Q. You're pretty much, what age now, 22?

Q. So you're pretty much a veteran now. (Laughter.) When you see the 15 year olds coming out now as professionals, how does that make you feel.
MORGAN PRESSEL: It makes me feel old. To think that I've been out here five years is pretty crazy. I mean, some days it feels like it's been 20, but other days, I mean, I feel like I just got out here.
Still being one of the younger players out here, I don't feel too old. I hang out with Jules enough that it makes me feel okay. But, um, you know, there's definitely a great wave of young players, young American players. There are a lot of players that are coming out from Asia very young. They can play. They've got game.

Q. Would you recommend it?
MORGAN PRESSEL: You know, I turned pro in the middle of my senior year in high school and finished school and didn't go to college. You know, it was my -- it was perfect for me. Everybody is different. People mature differently. People see different values in schooling and in golf and things like that.

Q. Have you been studying online?
MORGAN PRESSEL: No, I'm not studying now. I'm studying golf right now.

Q. Were you ever in any danger of falling out of love with golf having started so young?
MORGAN PRESSEL: You know, I don't think so. There are times when golf is more frustrating than anything and you get pretty down and upset. It's hard out here when you're not playing well. It's very mentally challenging.
You just kind of have to put your head down and plow through it and hope to come out on the other side sooner rather than later.

Q. You said you went to Japan and won in Japan. Is that because there aren't too many tournaments in the LPGA this year?
MORGAN PRESSEL: No, I had a chance to go play in one of their majors over there on a week off, and it fit in the schedule. I may go back to play maybe one more event. I'm not sure.
But with there only being 25, what is it, 25 events, 26, something like that on our tour, it was an opening. It was between Mexico and Mobile, so it just fit. I was happy that I went.

Q. During high school, did you consider to be homeschooled?
MORGAN PRESSEL: Never. Never. I think I would have -- I don't think I would have been real happy had I been homeschooled. I didn't even want to go to an academy. I mean, I went to school from 7:45 in the morning until 3:30 in the afternoon and practiced after that. And the weekends were really my days to practice.
I missed some school to play tournaments, but I could have never been homeschooled to play more golf. I played enough as it was.

Q. What about university? Do you think that one day you'll be up...
MORGAN PRESSEL: Maybe. You know, there are different things. I mean, I don't know whether I -- I mean, it would depend on my golf -- but whether I would go back to go get a degree or maybe take a couple classes in things that I'm interested in.
I would like to learn how to cook. That would be something that I would like to learn. So maybe a specialty school or something like that, but I don't know.

Q. Was it your decision to leave school, to not go on?
MORGAN PRESSEL: Yeah. Absolutely. It was -- I had committed to Duke University and that was where I wanted to go. That was in the middle of the my junior year - or actually, between my sophomore and junior year.
Almost a few months into my junior year I kind of said, I don't want to do this anymore if I don't have to. I don't want to write any more papers. I just finished out my senior year, played a few LPGA events before I graduated, and now I'm playing full time.
I mean, being out here, I don't know how Michelle does it. It takes up so much time, so much work so much travel. I like to have my down time. I couldn't imagine to have to go back and do homework. That would be frustrating.

Q. What do you liked to do in your down time?
MORGAN PRESSEL: Well, I like to sit by the pool, but it's kind of cloudy today, so I don't know if I can do that. I like to relax. I like to read. I mess around on my computer, work out, things like that.
When I'm at home, I just like to spend time with my family because I don't get to see them that much as much as we travel. I just like to relax. (Laughter.) It's hard to do. It's hard to do out here to just kind of take some time and sit and do nothing. I try to challenge myself to do that.

Q. Do you practice anything like yoga or Tai Chi?
MORGAN PRESSEL: I do some yoga depending on how I feel in the morning whether I go to yoga or spin class or just take my bike out and ride it around. There are a lot of different things I liked to at home like that.

Q. Do you wear the same earrings every day, or do you have a different pair of earrings for every outfit?
MORGAN PRESSEL: I don't have a different par for every outfit, but I think I brought six or seven with me. I usually wear my yellow diamonds, but today I went out on a limb and changed it up.

Q. So just as the mood takes you?
MORGAN PRESSEL: Yeah, black outfit, I wear black earrings.

Q. You hit the ball some distance further than you used to. Is that because you're stronger? Your technique's changed? What allowed you or made you hit it further? Obviously you needed to gain distance, and you've done it.
MORGAN PRESSEL: Absolutely. I have. It's been quite encouraging. I would say that, you know, 75% of it has been technique, really changing my technique to be more on top of the ball.
The other 25% is part working out and getting a little bit stronger and part golf clubs. I've worked really hard with Callaway to get the right equipment. I'm playing a little bit of a longer driver, so that's helped me gain a little bit of distance. But I could still keep it in play, which is something that's very helpful and is something that we've worked hard on.
The new irons that I've started to play this year, the Diablo Edge Irons, they go forever. I mean, instead of from 150 yards, instead of hitting a 6-iron, now I'm hitting between an 8 and a 7-iron. And that makes a big difference.
I'm hitting it 15 yards further off the tee, but now you've also got a club to a club and a half less into the green. So it's changed my game tremendously.

Q. You still work with Martin Hall?
MORGAN PRESSEL: No, I work with Adam Schriber on my golf swing.

Q. Where is he based?
MORGAN PRESSEL: Traverse City, Michigan. He's Anthony Kim's coach, too.

Q. How do you spell that?
MORGAN PRESSEL: S-c-h-r-i-b-e-r.

Q. In Japan, how many shots did you win by and what was the tournament?
MORGAN PRESSEL: It was the Salonpas Cup World Ladies Championship. It's got a long title. I think that's it. And I won by three over there.

Q. (No microphone.)
MORGAN PRESSEL: Early May, first week in May.
MODERATOR: Thank you. Morgan.

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