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July 22, 2010

Mi Jung Hur


MODERATOR: We're here and M.J. Hur. Congratulations on a fine 5-under par round. Talk a little bit about how you played today.
M.J. HUR: Thank you. I play really solid today. My driver was very good, and my iron and putter, everything are so perfect.
Few holes I missed the greens, but still I got great up-and-down, so I had really great day today.
MODERATOR: How is the golf course playing today?
M.J. HUR: You know, the weathers are so nice because no sun, and courses are a little wet condition. Not harder. Not firmer. Course are great condition, and I like that, everything. The fairway and greens are very good.
MODERATOR: You're wearing Evian pink today. How are you enjoying the whole experience of the Evian Masters?
M.J. HUR: This is my first time in France and first time playing Evian Masters. It's such a great, what is it, setting. Great setting. I love the pink and white, so that's why I match my clothing today because it's first round. I think I will also match Sunday.
MODERATOR: Questions.

Q. What other colors are you liking to wear?
M.J. HUR: Oh, my famous color is red or yellow, but I like them all. Because if they're good looking clothing, I can wearing everything.
But the famous color is red.

Q. Would that be what you would usually wear on a Sunday?
M.J. HUR: Red on Sunday? Unfortunately I have only one red shirt. But I want more wearing the pink because it's Evian Masters. It's very good matching.

Q. What do your initials stand for?
M.J. HUR: My full name is Mijung, M-i-j-u-n-g, but I just use the initials, M.J.

Q. That's what everybody calls you then?
M.J. HUR? Yes. I think no one knows my full name. Just call M. J. So easy to remember.

Q. Could you just run us quickly through what was the highlight of your round and what was the strength of your game today.
M.J. HUR: I hit great driver, hit to the fairway, and if I got a chance, like 50-degree wedge - I love 5 degree wedge or 54. So I think I just take the chance every hole with the wedges.
Also, my putter, twice, like last hole and No. 12, I made long birdie putts. So I like today's game.

Q. Just one of those days when golf was very easy, you did everything you were meant to do?
M.J. HUR: That's my goal for golf. I was play really easy like top players, especially fairway and green and putt. It's so easy, but it's really hard to do.

Q. How long was your putt on 18?
M.J. HUR: That one was five meters.

Q. And the one on 12?
M.J. HUR: Ten meters.
MODERATOR: Ten meters?
M.J. HUR: Uh-huh.
MODERATOR: Okay. Thank you, M.J.

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