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July 17, 2010

Martin Kaymer


MALCOLM BOOTH: Ladies and gentlemen, we're joined by Martin Kaymer, who shot 68 today for 4-under today and 8-under for the championship and in great shape going into Sunday. Martin, take us through your thoughts on the day and your position ahead of tomorrow.
MARTIN KAYMER: Well, obviously I played very good golf today, like the last two days already. I gave myself a lot of good birdie chances. Made one mistake today on No. 9, that bogey. The other bogey that kind of happened, the three-putt, but on No. 9 it was only from six, seven feet, so I had a very good birdie chance and ended up with a bogey.
But then was fighting back with a birdie on 10 and 12. So 68 under those conditions, I'm very happy.

Q. Can you compare today to yesterday with the conditions. And then this puts you in a position of certainly confidence going into this final round, and what it would mean to get that major here tomorrow.
MARTIN KAYMER: Well, the conditions are very similar than yesterday when we played in the -- yeah, around lunchtime. The only difference from today to yesterday was probably the pin positions, they were a little bit more generous than yesterday. So thanks to the R & A there.
Obviously to win here, I think doesn't get better, to be honest. But we will see where the other guys are finishing today, and if I have a chance for tomorrow. If not, then obviously I will try everything to get up there, try to get off to a fast start with a few birdies the first five, six holes to put them under pressure. But we will see. I can only do my very best tomorrow and take care of my own game.

Q. It's probably fair to say that at this time last year you were quite drained having won two weeks in a row at France and then at Loch Lomond. Do you feel physically you're in a better position this year to make a challenge tomorrow?
MARTIN KAYMER: Yeah, last year of course I was very tired, so last week was -- on one hand it was not so good that I missed the cut. On the other hand it was very good for me to prepare for the British Open, and I feel definitely very ready to play another good round tomorrow.
Last year coming from two big wins, of course I was more tired than now, but I can see myself playing well again tomorrow, and yeah, we will see where I'm finishing.

Q. It's been a very good day for Europe's golfers today, not necessarily so for America's. Can you tell us how important that is with what's to follow later this year?
MARTIN KAYMER: Of course if you have a look at the World Rankings, there are a lot of Europeans up there at the moment, a lot of youngsters, and I think Colin Montgomerie is very happy about that. I don't know what Rory played today, but I hope he played a good round, because after yesterday he was obviously a little bit disappointed.
But I think it's great for the European golf, and you can see that European players suit those conditions more than the Americans. I think in Wales this year, I hope it's going to be bad weather to be honest. (Laughter.)

Q. You were in about the same position just a couple weeks ago at Pebble Beach. How do you feel today versus going into the final round at Pebble Beach and tomorrow's round?
MARTIN KAYMER: Well, as I said already, we have to wait until everybody has finished. But the experience that I made last year at the PGA Championships and this year at the U.S. Open, they will definitely help me for tomorrow. It is obviously different golf here, but you can see that there are not a lot of guys when they're leading a tournament, they're not really running away from you. Well, that's what I -- the last few tournaments, especially at the U.S. Open, you could see that Dustin Johnson obviously was leading a tournament, Graeme McDowell won in the end, and he was far off going into the final round. The last few tournaments, the guys are not really running away.
If the same happens tomorrow, then you don't know.

Q. A follow-up to what it is about playing here at St. Andrews, so many people watching on TV around the world and saying, wow, I would just really love to play that course. Can you tell them what it's like to play St. Andrews in the Open and now leading into the final round. What's that experience like?
MARTIN KAYMER: Well, I think you just have to go out on 18 and stand there for an hour, and then you know why every player loves to come here. Unfortunately it's only every fifth year. I wish we could play every year, but then obviously it's not that special anymore.
I can only speak for myself, but for me as a European, it would be -- yeah, it is my biggest goal and my biggest dream to win here, the Open. Of course I'd take any Open, it doesn't matter where it is, but if I could pick one, then I would definitely pick St. Andrews.

Q. How far back is too far back tomorrow? And will you be looking more at how many strokes you have to make up or how many players you have to get past?
MARTIN KAYMER: Well, I think Louis Oosthuizen and Paul Casey, they played very solid golf the last couple days, and too far away would be probably seven, eight shots. I don't really see myself shooting a 63 under those conditions, and I'm not expecting them to shoot 73 or 74 tomorrow. So that is what I would explain as a goal, which is not really realistic to do.
MALCOLM BOOTH: Martin, thank you very much for coming in.

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