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July 17, 2010

Stewart Cink


Q. Talk about your day.
STEWART CINK: Well, it was a little less windy, still was a big factor, the wind. There's some holes that are a little freer because of being on the downwind side of the green rather than the opposite side like yesterday. I think today you'll see some good scores out of the rest of the field. The guys that are playing really well that have gotten themselves farther under par will probably put up some good scores. I think there's some mid to high 60s out there for someone who plays a really good round.

Q. What was the distance of your shot at the last?
STEWART CINK: I guess it was about 50 feet. It was just a putt. I hit a 3-wood off the tee because it was downwind so much, and I was a little fearful going through the back, and the rough is so bad. Ernie in my group yesterday was through the green in the rough, and he almost had no shot. I didn't want to go back there and hit a good 3-wood, and I pulled my putter out of the bag before I even left the tee. I told Frank, my caddie, it's nice to have a long walk with a putter. It was a really long walk, about 340 yards. It was nice to only hit the putter once, too.

Q. Do you always putt those from off the green?
STEWART CINK: Not always but on that hole it's almost always a putt just because they like to put the hole about six inches past the Valley of Sin. Literally it's probably 12 feet above the shelf, and there's not enough room to pitch a ball in there without hitting it in the face, and putting it is always the right option.

Q. Do you feel you missed a chance to make a better score?
STEWART CINK: Yeah, I gave away a few shots with iron shots, which has been sort of the story of my week here. I haven't hit my irons close when I've had good opportunities. You know, these greens are so big, they almost lull you to sleep, into playing what you think are good shots, and you get up on the green and you're 40, 50 feet from the hole, and you're just not going to make a lot of those putts. It takes a little bit of extra focus, and I haven't had quite that edge here this week, but maybe tomorrow I can come out and find it and train myself into having a good round, and you never know.

Q. Any distractions being defending champ?
STEWART CINK: Well, there have been some extra things going on, but yeah, I prepared myself before the week that I would he -- instead of letting those things get to me and become distractions, I was fully prepared to embrace those and enjoy the extra bit from the crowd, the extra dinner, which is a great honour to be part of. The Champions' Challenge which ended up getting cancelled. So I was ready to have a little extra going on this week but fully prepared to enjoy it. It's pretty rare that you get to be the defending champion right here at St. Andrews, so I really want to enjoy it.

Q. Are you happy overall with your score?
STEWART CINK: You know, I'm happy with the way I finished, but other than that, I felt like I made a few mistakes today, and it was a day when I felt like the golf course was allowing you to shoot a decent score. 1-under par won't be the worst score today, but at the end I think I'll look back and regret a few mistakes I made, and maybe it could have been a little better and put me in a better position for tomorrow.

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