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July 17, 2010

Graham DeLaet


Q. Thanks very much. With Graham Delaet, who kind of turned things around after a second round 66, 62 today. What happened overnight?
GRAHAM DeLAET: I really don't know. Just one of those days, you know, I hit a lot of wedges real close and I made three or four bombs, and just kind of one of those days where everything goes right.

Q. You go from making the cut by one and now you're in the hunt?
GRAHAM DeLAET: Yeah. That's what we obviously play for. Coming in this week I knew this was a good chance to have a good high finish and that kind of thing.
It's nice to be where I am. My family's in town, my wife's family. We're just going to go relax for the afternoon and see where I sit after everybody's done.

Q. You tied a course record, and it's obviously a low round of your rookie season. So what was there? I know you made like 135 feet of putts, so obviously that was going for you.
GRAHAM DeLAET: Yeah. I appreciate that. No. It was just one of those days when you don't really even realize when you're coming in and playing. You're just kind of going along, and look at the scoreboard and all of a sudden you're in third. It's a fun day.

Q. Well, congratulations.

Q. Gotta to do a little something about the Boise State guys. A lot of people here don't like Boise State. You want to maybe win one for the Broncos this week?
GRAHAM DeLAET: I mean I'm a proud Bronco for sure. I know there's a little bit of a rivalry between the Wolf Pack and us, but I'm close to home here and obviously it's nice to play well close to home.

Q. You going to be wearing blue and orange tomorrow?
GRAHAM DeLAET: No. I wore blue and orange yesterday. I'll wear my navy white and red on Sunday.

Q. Boise going to the Mountain West next year.

Q. I realize you're a college football fan.
GRAHAM DeLAET: Yeah. It's a shame that for the Mountain West that Utah moved out, too, but it's definitely a good thing for Boise State and everyone in Boise is pretty excited.

Q. I assume, having played for Boise, you've played here many times?
GRAHAM DeLAET: I'm sure, but yeah, we played Genoa Lakes, and I can't remember the other course we played a couple of times.
So I mean I've been out here. You know, it's a similar environment to Boise. It's high and dry, so I feel pretty good here.

Q. That last putt, did you know it was for the course record?
GRAHAM DeLAET: I didn't. I figured it would probably be close, but when you're playing so well, you don't really think about anything like that. You're just trying to hole it, and it was a little bit back uphill at the end and I just tried to play good. But I didn't think about it at the time.

Q. Thanks very much.

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