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July 16, 2010

Robert Garrigus


THE MODERATOR: Robert, thanks for joining us. Great playing today. 7-under par, 65, I believe, ties the low round of the tournament so far.
If you could just give us some opening comments on your play today, then we'll go from there.
ROBERT GARRIGUS: Absolutely. It was really the old cliche, You got to weather the storm. I got on No. 2 and it started blowing 35 miles on hour. I kind of thought, Oh, it's kind of like the British Open. The guys in the morning got no wind, and we're out here in the elements.
I hit a great shot on the 2; hit it to a couple feet and made a 20-footer on 3; good bunker shot on 4 to get up-and-down for birdie there.
And then kind of had a little lull there from like No. 5. I was hitting it on the green and wasn't making anything.
Got a good up-and-down on 9 for par. That kind of kept the round going.
Then on 10 I hit it close and left it hanging on the lip.
11, I hit driver, 3-iron over the green, and I guess somebody said that nobody had got even close to that green all day. But I had a really long rive and hit a perfect 3-iron over the green. Got up-and-down, and then hit it to a foot on the next hole.
I hit it to a foot on 15; and 16 I hit it to three feet and missed it; 17 I rolled in about a 20-footer; and 18 I lift it on the lip for 64. But, I mean, it was just one of those days that nothing was going wrong.
I didn't make any bad swings. Not one bad swing today. It was great. Had a great day. Just one of those days, you know.
THE MODERATOR: Great. Questions.

Q. Let me be the first one. I remember you said a few weeks ago that was a learning experience.

Q. Did you expect to be able to put it in play here right away?
ROBERT GARRIGUS: Yeah. I mean, I know how good I'm playing. That was just a microcosm of what I've been doing for the past, you know, month and a half. I haven't missed a cut since Dallas. I kept getting my -- getting the mojo going on the weekend has been a problem because I've been all the way in the back of the pack.
It's kind of nice I'll be in the last group. Maybe I can keep going. Having a good time. I love this area. Ball goes forever up here. It's so much -- it's hilarious. I was sitting on 17; I've got 270 yards to the hole and I've got a 5-iron in my hand. I hit it the pin high. I mean, it's ridiculous how far the ball goes.
But, you know, I expect to be in this position. I know I'm better than my world ranking. The guys out here, they know what kind of player I am. It's just nice to see some of it come to the forefront, really. It's kind of nice to play golf and get to do it for a living, and I'm doing it well.

Q. I know Reno is a bit of a comfort zone for you with some with family here.

Q. Does that help, being able to play someplace where you've got a little bit of home cooking, I guess?
ROBERT GARRIGUS: Absolutely. My wife grew up in here. She grew up in Loyalton, you know, 40 miles from here. I spent my Christmases here with her and her family.
The golf course here suits me perfectly. Just as wide as the fairways are, I can kind of get away with some shots if I do miss a shot here and there. But it is nice to be in a place you're comfortable with. That's just how it is. A lot of guys play good when they're comfortable. That's kind of what I'm doing. It feels good.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about how you ended up getting to that 28 or so inch putter? How did that come about?
ROBERT GARRIGUS: When I was 19 years old, I had a 34-inch putter, and I was niffing every three-footer I looked at. I was pulling everything. I couldn't get the right speed on anything. I was too jammed up. I was all the way up in here.
Once I was able to get it fitted -- and some guy in Phoenix when I was 19 years old, I went to Slazenger Putting Fitting System. They don't even exist anymore. He gave me this little tiny thing and he's like, Here. Get your hands down, shoulders down, and eyes over the ball, and tell me what feels good. It was 28 inches when I did that.
He's like, Here you go. He made meet putter in three minutes. Put a grip on it and he's like, Here you go. I made it on the Nationwide Tour in 6 months after that. So I started rolling everything in, getting confidence, and everything was perfect. I've stuck with it ever since. It's been 13 years, so...

Q. So now you'll have a little longer wait tomorrow until you get out there. Do you have a routine this evening? Pastime tomorrow?
ROBERT GARRIGUS: Well, I think the tee times are gonna go until like 10:45. They're doing threesomes tomorrow for a 4:00 finish. It's be kind of nice. I can go maybe get Ichiban down at Harrah's, or get Awful Awful at the Nugget.
I love that place. My wife showed me that place at Christmas time one time. I almost passed out from food coma after I got done. They give you a pound of fries there. Try not to eat the fries so much, but the burgers are really good.
I'll just go back and relax and maybe wash off a little bit. It was kind of hot today. I'll just hang out with my wife and we'll probably go get some dinner. Probably won't change anything. I've been doing everything the same everything every day. Probably won't change anything.
Just go have some fun tonight. Maybe throw a little bit on the tables and see what happens.

Q. You do know there's an Awful Awful stand here this week.
ROBERT GARRIGUS: I don't. I'm glad I don't. Now thanks for telling me.

Q. On the 11th hole or something?
ROBERT GARRIGUS: Great. I'll think about it every time I'm on the hole now. (Laughing.)

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