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July 16, 2010

John Mallinger


THE MODERATOR: John Mallinger, 8-under after the second round. Talk a little bit about your round today, and then we'll take some questions.
JOHN MALLINGER: Yeah, today was pretty solid. You know, I had one bogey for the first two days. I bogeyed No. 10 this morning coming out of the gates. Just hit the wrong club.
Other than that, just played really solid. I actually missed a lot of putts today. I don't know if I chipped very much. I don't know my stats, but I know I had a lot of good looks that didn't fall.
But, you know, overall I played pretty solid.

Q. Can you address a little bit the Nevada State Bank connection. John Merrick was in here a little bit ago; I assume you guys are buddies. How that whole thing got together.
JOHN MALLINGER: Yeah, John and I played at a club called Virginia Country Club back in Long Beach. The president of the club, Dallas Haun, he is a member there. About three years ago we joined in a relationship with him. Actually, Monday John and I did an outing for Nevada State Bank. They've been great to us.
Twice a year we help them out on some outings. Dallas has been great to us. It's been a good relationship.

Q. Does your friendship with John go back quite a ways?
JOHN MALLINGER: Yeah, actually John's brother, Brian, was my roommate in college, and that's where I met John originally. So I've known the Merricks since '97. It's been a while, yeah.

Q. Obviously we're not done yet, but the thought of possibly playing a round together, would that be a good thing? Would it help?
JOHN MALLINGER: Yeah, you know, we've only played together once, I think. They paired is in the U.S. Open '09, Torrey Pines. I think it was '08 maybe.
Yeah, it would be nice. We're both comfortable with each other. I think it would be great. Great for Long Beach, great for Nevada State Bank. If that were to happen it would be great; if not, it is what it is.

Q. What do you think it is that's working so well for you here this week?
JOHN MALLINGER: I think club selection is the biggest thing out here. You know, with the altitude and the wind it's very tough. We've been real specific on our numbers, and I think we got it down as close as we can.
This morning was playing pretty easy. There's wasn't too much wind, so the pulling of clubs wasn't too difficult. But, you know, I think the wind is supposed to pick up this afternoon and probably this weekend. It's gonna get a little more difficult and a little firm out there.

Q. John, over the past -- well, I guess since maybe end of May, you've really been playing well. And then looking back over -- we kind of lose track of you guys once you leave here. But last year you were out and had a real good stretch, what, four top 10s in one stretch? Are you feeling now like that part of the game is back?
JOHN MALLINGER: Yeah. You know, I like summer. I like the heat. I enjoy the golf courses around this time. You know, beginning of the season is always tough. We had the equipment change. For me, I had a new golf ball I was trying.
Just got off to a weird start, and took me a little longer than I thought to get adjusted. Now that I'm getting in the flow, got some good tournaments under my belt, I kind of feel like my game is back where it should be. I'm looking forward to playing the rest of the summer.

Q. What's the routine today then? Sleep? Dinner? Are you a guy that likes to check out the casinos at all?
JOHN MALLINGER: Not much. I might head up to Lake Tahoe and hang out there a little bit. Seems to be very nice outside, so I'm gonna try to stay way from the casinos.
I've been there a little bit. The last three months, Moline was a casino, and then we got -- two weeks we got Greebrier, that's a casino, and then Turning Stone, another casinos. I live in Vegas, so not casinos for me.
THE MODERATOR: Okay. Thanks a lot. John. Good luck tomorrow.
JOHN MALLINGER: Appreciate it.

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