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July 16, 2010

Bill Lunde


THE MODERATOR: Good playing. Tied for the lead right now in the clubhouse, I believe, after a 4-under par, 68 today; 7-under for the tournament. Just a couple opening comments on how you played today and just your experience so far here in Reno.
BILL LUNDE: Well, obviously I played pretty good today. Hit the ball really well. I think the hardest thing out there right now a putting. We're kind of on the side of a mountain, and it's kind of tricky to read the putts out here taking the mountain and everything into consideration.
But I just played really well. Feel good going into the weekend.
THE MODERATOR: Just a couple comments on your year so far. I know you had top 10 earlier this year, I believe in Puerto Rico, right?
THE MODERATOR: Maybe just brief couple thoughts on your year so far.
BILL LUNDE: It's been kind of a tough go this year. Got to a really poor start; missed a bunch of starts early and wasn't driving it well. One thing or another just wasn't coming together.
For the last month I really felt like I've been playing well, and it's finally starting to payoff. Starting to put up some better scores. Doesn't really surprise me that I'm playing well now, because I just have felt like it was close for the last month or so.
So it's good too finally feel good about playing golf and where my game is at.

Q. Bill, I want to say you've played here a few years before. More than just a few; is that right?
BILL LUNDE: No, last year is the only year I've ever played.

Q. That was the first?

Q. Is the course much different to you last year to this year?
BILL LUNDE: No. The temperature is a little different. Last year we had that kind of cool front that came through here, which felt pretty good. (Laughing.)
I think the course is in great shape. The fairways, tees, everything is in phenomenal shape. There's some Po annua coming into the greens, which I'm okay with. I grew up in Southern California. Everything is po annua down there.
Some guys aren't real big fans of po', but I kind of like it because they hate it. (Laughing.)

Q. What do you think it's gonna take on the weekend? We're seeing a lot of bunched up numbers around 6, 7, 8.
BILL LUNDE: I think tomorrow or Sunday I think someone is gonna shoot a low score. Hasn't been one yet. 66 was low yesterday. I don't know what the low score is today so far today with only the morning wave in.
I think there's a low score out there. You get it going and hit some good shots and start making some putts, once you see those putts start going in, confidence gets going.
There's a low number out there. I just think over the weekend someone is gonna shoot it. Hopefully it'll be me. You know, it's a course that seems like you should shoot a lot lower than you do on for whatever reason.
Just seems like you get a lot of wedges and short holes. Just get a lot of the opportunities out there, with a few tricky holes. But it just seems like the score is never as low as it seems like it should be, so...

Q. Would that be just because of the greens that you talked about, you know, so difficult to read? Would that bring the scores down?
BILL LUNDE: Yeah, definitely. Definitely. You get a lot putts here, good looks at birdie here. So I think with the greens the way they are and just kind of being on the side of mountain, I just think that has something to do with it, reading the greens and speed.
Seems like they're a little quicker today than yesterday. Obviously they're a little smoother in the mornings because the po annua hasn't begun to bloom yet like yesterday afternoon.
But I gotta think it's probably the greens. I mean, they're not real big targets, but you gotta get it in the right spot on the greens and make the putts. So I think that's the key.

Q. You played at the Tour qualifier Dayton about, what was it, '06?
BILL LUNDE: Yeah, '07.

Q. '07.

Q. Where has your game gone from then to now?
BILL LUNDE: I played well this week. Hopefully it just keeps going. That got me to the finals of Q-School, I think, and then that got me to the Nationwide Tour in '08 and then out here in '09 and still here. I got to think it still keeps progressing in some way.

Q. Your co-leader was just sharing a story with us about how he was in Cincinnati, qualified Monday for Nationwide when he got the call he was in the field here.
BILL LUNDE: Bob Heintz.

Q. Yeah. People who watch golf, they kind of think you all live a pampered sort of lifestyle. There's another side to that. Can you share what that's been like for you through the years and where you see yourself now.
BILL LUNDE: Right, right. Well, definitely it's not as -- I don't know if glamourous is the right word -- but it's not as glamourous as everybody thinks it is. They just see TV and us walking on the fairways on these great golf courses. They don't see the lines at hotels and restaurants and airports.
I mean, there's a whole system to getting around the country. Someone like Bob who was in Cincinnati trying to play there this week, you know, gets a call he's in here. He's got to turn around and jump on a plane. I don't know when he got here, but sometimes you just never know where you're gonna play. You just got to get used to time change.

Q. Did that take time to get used to that whole kind of part of it? Do you take that pretty well?
BILL LUNDE: All of us that have been doing it for so long kind of know what to expect. I don't think it's that big a deal anymore. Anyone who's been around playing at this level and has traveled enough and know how it works and what to expect. So it's just part of the deal.
THE MODERATOR: All right. Anything else? Thanks, Bill.

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