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July 15, 2010

Marcel Siem


Q. How easy were the conditions?
MARCEL SIEM: Compared to yesterday, it was a lot easier. Yesterday was unplayable. It all depends on the wind. You know, St. Andrews is not the toughest course in the world if there's no wind, so I think 3-under is an average round. In the Dunhill the same. But I think the pins in the corners, a level par or 1-under round is good, and the pins were pretty accessible today.

Q. (Inaudible).
MARCEL SIEM: I was 5-under after nine holes, which was perfect -- actually it was after 10. 11 was the par-3. I thinned my 8-iron unfortunately and it hit up on top and rolled back into the bunker. I got it back to 5-under, was nice, and then on 14, the par-5, actually a good drive and a 3-wood. I don't know how it ended in the high stuff. I didn't have a shot, and just tried to hack it out, went in the bunker again, missed a short putt for 4, back to 4-under.
And then a nice birdie on 18. It was pretty nice. Really pleased with that round, and yeah, really happy.

Q. Did you have a target? It's your first Open. Did you set a target when you went out?
MARCEL SIEM: Top 15. That was in my mind.

Q. Your thoughts when you see the weather?
MARCEL SIEM: That I have to go low to be up there, to have a chance. In good weather we always say 3-under is an average round, so I had to beat that, and I did it, and really pleased with that.

Q. Are you pleased that after your bogey you came out with a birdie and kept your cool? In the past you've looked angry with yourself and beat yourself up a beat.
MARCEL SIEM: Yeah, I think most of the time when I'm like 1-under and 2-under and started making mistakes, and then I'd beat myself up in the past. I was never, never really angry or beating myself up. I was pleased, honestly. Like you said, it was a good response. The momentum just goes away, stops, when you're 5-under and all of a sudden you're 4-under and you make another bogey and you're 3-under. It's tough to come back, and if you get it straight back, it's nice.

Q. You're working with a new coach, is that helping you?
MARCEL SIEM: Yeah, definitely. It's not easy for me because I'm not. As a football player it would be much easier for me, I think. You have to be really strong in your mental behavior, and I'm still working on it. My new coach is really helping me with that, as well. I'm 30 now, getting a bit older. It makes it a bit easier to stay calm, as well. Yeah, it's a big step, I think, to do that, because otherwise -- I don't see any Top 5 players in the world which are losing the head the whole time.

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