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July 15, 2010

Will MacKenzie


THE MODERATOR: Will, great round today. You won back in 2006, so obviously you like the course. Can you talk a little bit about the round this morning. Since you're the first one in, talk about how the course played also and then we'll take some questions.
WILL MACKENZIE: Still playing pretty soft out there, so, I mean, it's real scorable. I don't think the greens are quite -- it's just they're not as fast as they usually are, so they're probably not rolling as true. I think that's keeping the scores down a shot or two. I'm not just saying that because I missed short one on the last hole and another two-footer. (Laughing.)
But obviously you can hit good shots in there because it's pretty soft. But there's just a lot of Poa annua patches. So, I mean, I found the course -- and I had the success here, so I was feeling pretty good out there. I hit a lot of good shots. I mean, I should have scored better. I made a double bogey. I made one putt that was over like ten feet maybe.

Q. (No microphone.)
WILL MACKENZIE: Yeah, I mean, I hit it good; hit it well, which is a change. I've been playing like crud this year. I'm sure y'all are gonna ask that. I'm just happy to get off to a good round. I've got a sort of sour taste in my mouth, though. I needed to shoot a good round. And this is a decent round, but I need to shoot a low one to get my confidence back. I guess that's what I'm lacking.
I'll field any questions now.

Q. (No microphone.)
WILL MACKENZIE: Well, yeah, but it hurts -- I mean, the sketchy part is making the putts. You know, it's like if I was hammering putts in or missing putts barely, you know, I would be -- but my putter has been a little dicey all year. There was a couple ebbs and flows with my putter. I come in 10th or 12th or better if I putt great, or I miss the cut.

Q. Talk about the double on 4. What happened there?
WILL MACKENZIE: I don't know. Just that little walk up that little hill. I was up first. I just missed a real makable one. Make I lost focus on my line. The wind was left to right, you know.
I hit a good solid shot, but it just started leaking right and hit that one tree on the corner. If it doesn't hit that tree, I'm probably in play - not in the fairway. But it hits that tree on the corner and we can't find it.
There's two spotters over there, and we all look voraciously for five minutes, if that's a word, and couldn't find it. It was not even that bad a sage over there. I was really amazed that we lost that ball. It was a bummer.

Q. Trying to remember when you won here, were you on fire with the putter?
WILL MACKENZIE: Yeah, I putted good that week. I putted well. I was clawing, as DiMarco says. But I hate -- I mean, start like pushing 'em and not hitting 'em real solid with a claw, and then I get really frustrated and switch back and forth.
I mean, the claw could rear its head very shortly.

Q. And your regular-handed now?
WILL MACKENZIE: Yeah. I'm regular-handed.

Q. Any chance you'll change for tomorrow?
WILL MACKENZIE: Oh, yeah, I switch during the round typically. Today I have one of those 2-Balls. I've never used it before. It's one of those ones that you sort of like pendulum, so, I mean, it's sort of helping get my shoulders involved a little bit.

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