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July 11, 2010

Brittany Lang


Q. Tell us about your day.
BRITTANY LANG: I had a great day. Just want a general overview?

Q. Certainly you got off to a great start.
BRITTANY LANG: Yes. I felt very good out there. My mind was working well; I was swinging at it well; I felt very solid and relaxed; I was seeing my shots, seeing what I wanted.
I've been putting absolutely phenomenal this last month. I'm just making everything. I feel so good over the ball. I got a little nervous coming down the stretch. I got to 4-under, got a little ahead of myself and just brought it back, made some good putts.
But something to learn: stick to my process and not get outcome focused. But it was a great week, good experience, and I'm very well. I'm happy.

Q. Did you have a number in your head you needed to overtake Paula?
BRITTANY LANG: I didn't even think any numbers. I just said I was gonna hit fairways and greens, and I had a lot of fairways and greens and had a lot of looks. It played so easy out there for this golf course. This is the easiest this golf course will ever play.

Q. What about the 31 Choi shot on the front? To think somebody did that, I mean, you say it played easy for this golf course. So if the day is to do it, today is the day, I guess, right?
BRITTANY LANG: Oh, for sure. 31 is out there. She's a great player. She makes everything. She's a phenomenal putter. So I could definitely see that, winning last week. She's a really good player.

Q. You say it played easy. After the rain, you mean?
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, it was soft, although it was very long. You know, I was hitting driver, 6-iron and 4-iron into hole 1 and 10 where before we were hitting lob and a gap wedge.
But everything was soft. You could fly the ball to the hole. It was definitely easy to move the tee boxes up. No wind.

Q. What about before the rain? Was it as advertised?
BRITTANY LANG: Oh, for sure. If they didn't get that rain the scores would be way higher, no question. No question.
The course would have been a very challenging U.S. Open course. I bet you it would have been a few over par to win if they didn't get that rain.

Q. When you got within two shots, is that sort of when you felt like just maybe a little bit more tension, pressure, because you knew you were...
BRITTANY LANG: I didn't even look at the scoreboard. I didn't even know. There are a lot of numbers up there. I'm not good with numbers. I didn't even look. I don't know. I just got a little bit nervous.
I knew I was probably near the top and I got a little ahead of myself. Everyone is going to get nervous, but I got a little too outcome focused.

Q. What is it about the U.S. Open that allows you to play good golf? You had a great shot a few years back in Denver, and now this. You seem like you have a good aptitude for this kind of golf.
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, well, I have a lot of patience. I have a great attitude, and I'm a phenomenal ball-striker. That's what wins Opens, ball-striking. My putting has gotten exceptionally better in the last year. I'm starting to become a great putter, which I was of before.

Q. Friday and Sunday is two different days. When you're chasing as opposed to being the chaser, is your mindset different when you show up?
BRITTANY LANG: For me, I'm not as comfortable being in the lead right now. It's something you got to work on. You got to keep putting yourself there and learn how to play there if you want to be the best. I'm not comfortable there yet. I'm more comfortable being behind. That's a confident zone, I got to get out of that and learn how to stay in each shot when I have the lead.

Q. Can you say something about Paula? She's going to be the only player under par with a bad thumb. What does that say about her and American golf at this point?
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, I was so happy to see all the Americans up at the top of the leaderboard at the U.S. Open. She's playing great golf. I mean, she's a good player bad thumb or not. You know, she got her surgery and is rehabbing it. I know it's still bother her, but she's obviously a fantastic player. I'm not surprised at all.

Q. How may holes did you have this morning to finish up?

Q. Could you give us a couple of highlights from your earlier in your day, som clubs and yardages?
BRITTANY LANG: For the four holes?

Q. For this afternoon, 18.
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, sure. What would you like?

Q. Just what you hit in for your birdies.
BRITTANY LANG: For my birdies, yeah, sure. Hole 3 I hit a 9-iron in there and made like probably a 30-footer.
Then hole 5 I hit a 6-iron in there just perfect and made like a 15-footer.
Then the odds one I hit a 9-iron in there and made about a 6-footer.
Bogeyed 8. Hit a 3-iron in the bunker and didn't get up-and-down. Tough bunker shot.
Hole 3, the par-5, I hit a knockdown sand wedge and made like a three- or four-footer for birdie.
Next one I hit a 6-iron to about six feet and made that for birdie.
You want the bogeys?

Q. Yeah.
BRITTANY LANG: 15 I hit 4-iron into the green left and didn't get it up-and-down. Actually made a really good foot for bogey, so that was good.
Then I hit a 3-iron and 3-putted from like a million feet away.
Made like a 15-footer for par on 17.
15-footer for par an 18.

Q. Still great experience, right?
BRITTANY LANG: I'm very pleased. Yeah. Can only learn from it.

Q. Some say 1 and 10 are the toughest.
BRITTANY LANG: You know, I thought 1 and 10 were really tough after the rain. I mean, I was hitting driver 4-iron, driver, 6-iron. I mean, those greens are just crazy though. If you don't hit your spot there, and even if you do, you can still get a bad bounce.
Hole 10 not so much, but hole1, the green is insane. It's just crazy. Where the pin was, five feet past it you're in the rough. I mean, it's just...

Q. That was today?
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah. It's just very tough.

Q. What do you do different Saturday if you can go back? Seems like the tournament is won and lost on Saturday. Inn your shoes, where you were, what would you have done different yesterday?
BRITTANY LANG: Yesterday? Um, you know, I feel like did I the best that I could. You know, the first day and today I did a great job seeing my shots. It was harder for me -- you know, every day is different -- it was harder for me to really see what I wanted out there on Saturday.
Those are the days where you really have to grind to think positive and see where you want the ball to go. It wasn't as easy that day, but I made three -- I can't even remember which -- Saturday...

Q. Friday you made three bogeys in a row.
BRITTANY LANG: And then the birdie coming in.

Q. Saturday you had to play a bunch of holes.
BRITTANY LANG: No, Saturday I only played 14. Oh, yeah, that was really good. I made a lot of par putts there. I wasn't firing on all cylinders, and I still made a bunch of par putts and was patient.
So that was actually a good day. It wasn't like today where he was lightening up. Still a very good day.

Q. You hung in there?
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, exactly.

Q. Were there any other changes maybe helped impact some of the lower scores today? Maybe some of the hole locations or anything like that? You mentioned the course being softer and easier to deal with. Anything else impact the lower scores?
BRITTANY LANG: Well, the tee boxes you were up on a lot of the holes, which made it so much easier. The holes were shorter and the greens were softer. It wasn't a real U.S. Open.

Q. Still Oakmont, though.
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, you hit it in one of those bunkers and you know it's a real U.S. Open. I hit a lot of fairways today so that made the round a lot easier.

Q. What's next for you?
BRITTANY LANG: We have a week off and then we go to France.

Q. So France, Britain...
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, then I'll play the Irish Open.

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