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July 10, 2010

Stephen Gallacher


MICHAEL GIBBONS: Stephen, thanks very much for coming in, leading Scot, give us an assessment of your day.
STEPHEN GALLACHER: I played a lot better than I scored, which is a bit of a shame. Gave myself a lot of chances and just never really took them today, which is disappointing.
But I hit the ball well. So you never know; tomorrow.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: A low one tomorrow, you could get them, making a good score on the front nine and maybe getting in amongst it?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: Yeah, well, Darren and Edoardo are running-away-with-it type of thing, just try and get as high up the Top-10 as possible now.

Q. I remember recently you had a final round 63 here - Will you try and go for one like that again?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: Yeah, that's what I was will be aiming for anyway, just try and give myself as many chances as possible.
I played with Alastair in that round, and I remember that's probably the best I've ever played I think on Tour. I hit it inside 15 foot -- I think I hit every fairway and missed one green by a foot. That's what you've got to do, just got to give yourself lots of chances.
It's definitely out there, you think about it all week, you're thinking positive and try to think of good shots I've hit all the time, not just on this course but any course.

Q. You looked like you hit the ball well today - was it just the missed putts?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: Yeah, I missed a good chance at nine from about six-foot and left it short. I missed one at 12 from about six-foot; left that short, as well. Didn't birdie the par five with a three iron in my hand. Missed about six feet on 14 and then 3-putted 17 to finish, so it was quite disappointing.
But, well, 69 when you're not putting very well is pretty good around here.

Q. Could easily have been 65, 66; do you reckon that?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: Yeah, that's definitely the worst I could have shot today. I left a wee bit out there. I was hitting six iron into the third and didn't birdie that either, so it was one of those rounds that came and got me but got away from me.
You know, the greens aren't that heavy, a wee bit bumpy and there's a wee bit of moisture on them, as well, so it's hard to hole putts.

Q. The greens next week at St. Andrews are completely different from here?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: It's chalk and cheese. They are the same all year round, they don't change, they are bulletproof those greens.

Q. The timing of your quite remarkable run since Wentworth is quite ideal with The Open coming up next week and you've had a bit of preparation here, as well. Do you feel that yourself?
STEPHEN GALLACHER: I would say the weather has definitely been good preparation for St. Andrews. It's the same kind of look off the tee, as well. They are both similar and they are both quite wide, but you've got to hit it down the right side to leave yourself the best line into the flags.
You know, you'll see guys' stats this week and hit a lot of fairways, but you've got to have them down the right side. Same at St. Andrews, if you can hit it down the right side you can attack the flags, and plus with not a lot of wind you can hit a lot of knock-down shots and things like that, so it's pretty good preparation, yeah.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: Stephen, thanks for joining us. Good luck tomorrow.

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