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July 10, 2010

Ross Fisher


ROSS FISHER: It was a very nice day. I played very solid. Didn't have to do too much to make pars. Game is in good shape. Iron shots were similar to the first three days in Germany, so I knew I had to capitalise and fortunately I managed to do that and made some birdies out there, left two putts on the front, I could have had a nice little string of five in a row but you're going to miss a few out there on these greens. They are tricky.
So to make the turn in 4-under, and then I knew if I could pick up one or two on the back, hopefully depends on the weather, it looks like it's going to be all right now, but the forecast is for it to be heavy rain, so you know, Darren is obviously playing well. He's 11 at the moment, so kind of need the leaders to almost come back to me a little bit because you know, six, seven behind is quite a long way back.
But I was chatting to Adam about when Edfors won up here, he shot 9- or 10-under and posted a score and won. Anything is possible in golf.

Q. Were you were you fearing the worst when you stepped on the course today?
ROSS FISHER: Yeah, I was. We had it pretty horrific yesterday when we started. Hit a good drive and a 3-wood into the second, which had is normally a mid-iron. I hit a real good drive and it went 245. It was, you know, we were prepared for bad weather. We had a little bit, but in fairness the wind was quite tricky. It was there and it died, and we were all the a warn second guessing yourself on where the wind was. It was tricky but good golf shots got rewarded and if you knocked in good putts you were going to shoot a good score. I'm one of the ones that capitalized on that.

Q. Even though the weather is fine at the moment, it's playing as long as this course plays?
ROSS FISHER: It's playing quite long, probably not as long as yesterday for the morning guys and when we first started in the afternoon. That was pretty brutal to hit 3-wood into the second was just ridiculous. But, yeah, you know what the weather is like up here, it can change in a heartbeat and obviously we are just fortunate that for us it managed to stay reasonably dry and I got in there and got the job done.

Q. Is it fair to say that form has changed for you because it's been a relatively quiet year from the standards you've set, but with Munich you mentioned, it's been coming together?
ROSS FISHER: It's coming together. A lot's happened this year for me, so golf's not been as good as what I would have liked, but you know, the game is in good shape. Pretty much most of the season, it's just been down to the putting.
I've been hitting the ball real good, if not better than last year, and Germany was ridiculous how good I hit the ball the first three days. To be 15-under for three days, I was saying to Adam, we were both really disappointed because it felt like I could have been easily over 20-under for three days, that's how good my long game was. Just couldn't buy any putts. And when you are walking off the golf course shooting 6-under and feeling a bit disappointed, you know that the game is in good shape.
So it's coming along. It's nice to make this cut. This tournament's, you know, got a special place for me, I've done well here recently around Top-10s for two or three years, so it's nice to get some form and get some momentum obviously going into the big one next week.

Q. And when you say a lot's happened, you come back to this time last year where we were wondering if you were playing the big one?
ROSS FISHER: It's amazing that a year is flown by and Eve's going to have her first birthday in three Sundays time and obviously looking forward to that. This will be a little bit more of a stress-free open, shall we say, and hopefully I can, fingers crossed, enjoy it, and get the job done this year.

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