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July 10, 2010

John Daly


Q. Great run there through the back nine, three birdies on the spin, as well, you must have been feeling pretty good there.
JOHN DALY: Yeah I hit the ball -- been hitting it good all week. Yesterday was a survival day, but you know, I had a about opportunity on 15, as well. I missed a 6-footer for birdie and 16 I had about a 12-footer, could have made it. But no, it was a good day.

Q. Where are you with your game right now, do you feel?
JOHN DALY: I'm close. I feel I'm just starting to slowly get some confidence, which is good. You know, when you can play four days each week like I have been for the last few weeks, you just build on it, no matter what you shoot, you're just building on something and I'm starting to hit my long irons better and the wedges are still a little rough but I'm getting better around the greens with them.

Q. What about this weather?
JOHN DALY: I'm used to it. It doesn't bother me. I expect it, so you know, I've played over here so much that I kind of expect it and I'm used to it.

Q. It was quite cold when you won in St. Andrews back in '95; it will be great to go back there next week as a former champion over a place that you love?
JOHN DALY: I do love it. It's my favourite golf course. I feel like it's a second home and the people are so great and generous, and you know, so I'm looking forward and I'm looking forward to tomorrow.
Listen, I like the way I'm hitting the ball, and hopefully I can get something good tomorrow, as long as I get something out of each round.

Q. You certainly are adding a dash of colour, can you maybe comment on these trousers and the rest of the garb?
JOHN DALY: It's the Loud Mouth stuff. It's the most fun you can have with your pants on.

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