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July 10, 2010

Sylvia Fowles

Diana Taurasi


USA Basketball – 99
WNBA - 72

THE MODERATOR: We have Sylvia Fowles and Diana Taurasi. Diana, if you would start with an opening statement.
DIANA TAURASI: Well, you know, I think we did a pretty good job tonight of getting the things done that we talked about prior to the game. That was just to play with a lot of energy, play hard for 40 minutes.
It is an All-Star Game, but I think it was a different focus knowing that we don't have many opportunities to practice together, to train together. So every opportunity, we have to use it.
I think tonight was a nice step for us going into tomorrow's scrimmage and then later into the Czech Republic in September. So I think we did a pretty good job.
THE MODERATOR: We'll open the floor to questions.

Q. Sylvia, there was one little section where there were three unexpected passes in a row on three possessions. Are you having a little difficulty realizing how well your teammates pass?
SYLVIA FOWLES: No. You know, sometimes you get up in the score and you kind of forget things. I think I kind of got side tracked a few times. Have people like Diana and Swin slap me upside the head, You need to pay attention, get things done.

Q. Coach Auriemma talked before the game about the difficulty that Team USA is having basically filling the post. Your performance today made a statement. Can you talk about assuming that legacy.
SYLVIA FOWLES: It's a big role that I have to take on, but at the same time I played under Lisa and Tina for a year to learn a couple of things. When you got great teammates like Diana to stay in your ear and get things done on the floor, I don't think you have no choice but to go out and compete to the best of your abilities every night.

Q. Diana, how did it feel to be back playing with Cappie Pondexter again?
DIANA TAURASI: It feels good. We've always had a great chemistry on the court. We were very successful. We know we like to get the ball in the court. We know where we like to be. So it was good to be back on the court. It felt good.
It felt good to be back with the Sylvia. We played overseas the last couple years with Sue. Catch, I hadn't been on the court with her for a long time.
I think that's the beauty of our team. We've had stints that different people have played together. So I think that's why in the first half it looked really good. It looked like we'd been practicing for two months. That only works when you have people that are willing to, you know, work hard and be unselfish. I think that's gonna be the strength of our team.

Q. Sylvia, can you talk about how this was kind of like a UConn reunion with six players and Coach Auriemma there, you stole the spotlight from them all.
SYLVIA FOWLES: That is so not the case (smiling).
I mean, they're on this team for a reason. They're great players. They played for a great coach. They got a lot of energy. They play well together. They have that chemistry. They know what they want and they know how to win. Just to be part of that little crew or click, it makes you feel good because you only want to learn from the best of the best.

Q. Diana, which are the opponents that you think are the toughest in the World Championship?
DIANA TAURASI: There's a lot of really good teams in the world. You know, our group's really tough. We have Greece, they always come out and play hard. We have the defending European champions with Gruda, France. Obviously Spain has a great cast of players that played overseas in international basketball for a long time. Russia. Australia. There's a lot of teams that could make some noise.
We never really focus on our opponent. We kind of focus on the people in our locker room, the people who are at our practice. You know, you can't control what other teams do. But we can control how we prepare, how focused we are going into the Czech Republic.
THE MODERATOR: Diana, Sylvia, thank you very much.

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