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July 9, 2010

Bradley Dredge


BRADLEY DREDGE: The golf course played as long as I've ever played it today, that's for sure. Some of the drives I hit were going 250, 260 yards max, and I thought that's going to make the course as long as it is, anyway, and it was so long. Anything around par or under par is a good score, so very pleased.

Q. And yet, it's to the credit of the golf course that it's still playable I guess?
BRADLEY DREDGE: Unbelievable, it really is. We got on the first tee and no preferred lies and to be fair, the ball is wet obviously, and I didn't have too much mud on the ball. It was quite a surprise. I really thought we were going to struggle a bit with that but it was very good and like I said, the golf ball, fairways and greens are fantastic.

Q. I can't imagine that anybody enjoys playing in this but you've certainly adapted nicely?
BRADLEY DREDGE: The three of us played well, so it's always nice when you're playing quite steady. You tend to enjoy it a bit more then.

Q. Does it help to play with others that are shooting it nicely, as well?
BRADLEY DREDGE: Yes, unfortunately Anders did not finish well the last couple but you can sort of see some good shots going out there and see some scores, and see other guys doing it and try to follow suit really.

Q. This must be good, the consistency, because this was something you were bemoaning about yourself, looking early in the season.
BRADLEY DREDGE: It's getting better, getting towards one round, getting towards two rounds, getting towards three rounds; if I can get it towards four rounds, I'll be happy. It's getting better so just keep working on it and try and keep the positives and such and just keep practising, keep working at it.

Q. It is a process, isn't it, the application, the patience and not getting down on yourself when something happens?
BRADLEY DREDGE: Exactly, you've been around awhile and you know what you're talking about and it's exactly that.

Q. I think back to when we first started the conversations, this was your best, this was what you used to do?
BRADLEY DREDGE: Yeah, exactly that. Today in particular I didn't hit any sort of really poor shots. I hit a couple of obviously mis-hits or whatever, but nothing that got me in some big trouble and that's what it's about really. I hit some good shots and my short game is good enough. But not the bogeys that cost me or worse.

Q. Your round is tremendous, and Darren Clarke, his scoring over two days is remarkable.
BRADLEY DREDGE: Yesterday, I thought it was one of the toughest conditions we've played in, quite windy and the pins were quite difficult, as well. And today, I think it's even more difficult in this rain because the ball is going so short. Darren is at 10-under at the moment. That's some playing, it really is.

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