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July 9, 2010

Diana Taurasi


DIANA TAURASI: The last couple days, we chatted a little bit. Haven't spent a lot of time together. But she's great. She really is. Everything coach has said, she is, which is cool.

Q. (No microphone.)
DIANA TAURASI: You know, it's very similar with having such success with your junior year. Coming back, there's a lot of expectations. So it will be a tough challenge for us. But I think she's up to it.

Q. (No microphone.)
DIANA TAURASI: You know, there's a lot of expectations. You want to go out the right way. A lot of pressure: the fans, teammates, the pressure you put on yourself.
As long as you can wake up every morning feeling good, then you'll be okay.

Q. Did he do something, say something, talk about the five spot?
DIANA TAURASI: The five spot, haven't done it in seven years. I actually had to follow someone yesterday to make sure I had it right.
It just feels good to be back. He brings a different atmosphere to a basketball team. You can just tell by our first practice yesterday how everything was crisp, people were willing to listen, understood what he wanted to get across.
You do miss it. You do miss it. When you're back in it, you know why you were so successful. It's not a surprise he does things that work.

Q. Do you have to take a lead here because you're more familiar with them?
DIANA TAURASI: I think naturally we do. Obviously, some of the stuff we run offensively, we're a little bit more familiar with it. Talking Sylvia through it a little bit more, Candice Dupree. We've taken more of a proactive attitude in just letting them know what's up.

Q. What did you make of the way everything went down with LeBron?
DIANA TAURASI: You can really criticize as much as you want. As long as he's happy with his decision, then I think he did the right thing. If that's truly where he thinks he can win a championship... You know, he didn't do it for the win, he didn't do it to be 'the man', he did it to be in the best position to win a championship. So he made the right decision.

Q. (Question regarding retirement.)
DIANA TAURASI: Rest is part of any professional athlete's career. I haven't had any in seven years. I need rest.

Q. Does that mean maybe there's no WNBA season for you down the line?
DIANA TAURASI: I don't know yet. I'm going to have to sit down and look at the calendar and see what works best for me. It will probably be soon.

Q. Energized coming back here for the weekend?
DIANA TAURASI: You are. You definitely are. Not only being in Connecticut, playing for Coach Auriemma, putting on red, white and blue, it all blends in and comes together nicely.

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