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July 8, 2010

Brittany Lang


MODERATOR: All right, ladies and gentlemen, they said it couldn't be done. Brittany Lang shot 2-under par, 69 today. She had six 3s on the back nine.
MODERATOR: Brittany is 24 years old; she's been a pro for four years; she lives in McKinney, Texas.
This is her sixth Women's Open, and she tied for second as an amateur in 2005 at Cherry Hills. You just said to me that "it's out there if you want it." Explain what you meant by that.
BRITTANY LANG: Absolutely. I mean, you said it couldn't be done. Any golf course you can shoot a low number, there's no question about. If you just know where to hit it, if you're on your game hitting the ball well, you're gonna hit fairways, you're gonna hit greens, and you're gonna make pars. One or two are going to go in.
I mean, I got very lucky today that a lot of the long putts went in. If you're hitting the ball good, you can for sure shoot a low score here.
MODERATOR: Has that been your attitude all week? A lot of players have said this is such a tough course. Have you felt more positive about it having seen it in practice rounds?
BRITTANY LANG: I mean, yes, it is extremely tough. And, you know, if you're not on your game, you're not hitting it good, you're thinking about other things, you will shoot a big number, that's for sure.
But I was just very honored to play here. It's such a treat to play here. I was just trying to have fun. I'm working on things myself, so I've got enough going on.
MODERATOR: Let's take a look at your scorecard. You birdied the first hole. What did you hit for your second shot, and how long was your putt.
BRITTANY LANG: I hit a gap wedge and I had like a five- or six-footer.
MODERATOR: And then a bogey on No. 2. What happened with that?
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, you know, I just hit the wrong club off the tee. I hit a good tee shot, and we just hit too much club into the hazard. Um, no big deal. We dropped to a good lie; hit it on; two-putted.
Bogey is not going to kill you, but just hit the wrong club off the tee.
MODERATOR: No, 6, a birdie on the par-3. What did you hit?
BRITTANY LANG: I hit a 6-iron, and then I made like a 20-footer. That was a really good birdie.
MODERATOR: And No. 8 was a bogey.
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, I pulled my 3-iron hybrid into the bunker, hit it out, and two-putted.
MODERATOR: How long was your first putt?
BRITTANY LANG: It was probably about 18 feet.
MODERATOR: No. 11, you had a 3. What did you hit in there? Birdie.
BRITTANY LANG: 11, oh, I hit a 7-iron into there and I had about a six-footer.
MODERATOR: And then you had another birdie, another 3 on No. 14.
BRITTANY LANG: Oh, yeah, that was a 7-iron from the right rough, and I made like another 6-footer.
MODERATOR: Then you had another 3 on No. 15.
BRITTANY LANG: Yes. That was a long putt. I hit a 4-iron in there, and it was a really long putt, maybe 50 feet.
MODERATOR: Wow. And what happened on 18, a bogey?
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, I hit a really bad tee shot; hit it in the bunker there. Then I hit a great recovery out and then a really good wedge shot, and had just -- I mean, the putt, you just tap it and you got a five-footer coming back.
MODERATOR: How long was that first putt?
BRITTANY LANG: Um, it was probably about 20 feet.
MODERATOR: And you hit it off about two-and-a-half feet, didn't you?
BRITTANY LANG: It was probably three to four.
BRITTANY LANG: Felt longer.
MODERATOR: It felt longer. (Laughing.) It was a great round. How about questions anyone?

Q. A lot of people have said that even might win the tournament. To be under par right now, what's kind of your mindset for the next three rounds?
BRITTANY LANG: Well, I'm just going to try to keep doing exactly what I'm doing. If I do, I'll shoot low scores. But even par is going to be sitting very nicely, you know, come the end of the week.
So I'm just going to keep doing exactly what I'm doing: staying positive and just enjoying the week. Good scores will come if I am able to control myself.
MODERATOR: There's been a lot of talk about the 2nd and 17th hole. Obviously today you had a little trouble with the 2nd hole. What has been your strategy? What is it on that one?
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, well, I hit a 4-iron today. I'm going to probably hit a 5-iron instead to stay short of that hazard. It's really not that bad, because you have a little bailout room left into the rough.
But, you know, I just hit a 5-iron -- I'm not going to hit a 4-iron anymore. I'm gonna hit a 5-iron. And then you hit it the middle of the green, it takes it to the right, and you're putting straight back uphill.
MODERATOR: And what about 17? What's your strategy for the week?
BRITTANY LANG: 17 we have a good strategy. I hit a 5-iron today and then a little knockdown sand wedge. I like that.
MODERATOR: You think you will do that even when the green is drivable?
BRITTANY LANG: Probably, because I just don't see the advantage if you hit driver into those bunkers. With my wedge game, you know, if I'm the middle of the fairway with a sand wedge, I'd rather be there than one of the huge bunkers.
MODERATOR: Is the wedge game the strength of your game?
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, my wedge game is very good.

Q. The weather conditions have been playing a big part. Today it was really hot. Tomorrow there is rumor it's supposed to rain. Are you going to change your game any if there's rain? You have an earlier tee time tomorrow, so it might not be as hot. Is your game strategy going to change at all?
BRITTANY LANG: No, my strategy won't change, but it will definitely change the way you play shots. You'll have to fly them closer to the hole because it'll be softer.
This afternoon it was really crispy and the ball just ran forever. Actually, yeah, we'll hit more -- we'll hit more club off the tee and we'll have to fly the ball closer to the hole.
So, yeah, I guess it will change. I'll just be hitting more club, for sure.

Q. You've had the lead in the U.S. Open before. How does that affect you now? The first time you had it you hadn't it before, and now you've had the experience. Tell us how you're going to handle it.
BRITTANY LANG: Well, I know that if I think about winning the tournament I probably will not win, so I'm gonna just keep focusing, like I said, on what I'm working on with my mental game and my swing. Just keep doing everything I'm doing and just stick to my game plan.
If I stay in each shot like I did today, you know, I'll be up on the top of the leaderboard. And if I don't, then I probably won't win the tournament. That's probably what I've learned from being in the lead.
MODERATOR: Brittany led after the first round at Cherry Hills. It was a tremendous round of golf, young lady. We thank you so much for coming in.

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