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July 8, 2010

Matt Jones


MATT JONES: That was a good way to finish. I played well on the Back 9, got an eagle on No. 10, my second nine holes; and just hit two bad 9-irons on 15 and 16, which led to some bogeys, but I'm happy with shooting 7-under.

Q. What was the main thing today for you?
MATT JONES: Actually I've been hitting good this week practicing and I putted good today, and the greens are soft so you can attack the pins, and I made some putts.

Q. When you looked up at the scoreboard and saw Paul shooting 59, what ran through your mind?
MATT JONES: That he's having a great round, and it's out there to be had today.
I don't know how the greens will hold up this afternoon for the guys, but the greens were good this morning, and they were rolling well, so 59 is a great score.

Q. When you're on the outside looking at the FedExCup race, you're 60th coming in. You're having a good year. Do you pay attention to the standings right now?
MATT JONES: No, I don't. If I just keep playing the way I'm playing, everything will take care of itself. I know I'm 60th, but my goal is get to FedExCup. If that doesn't happen, play tough in the next three.

Q. Great shooting today.
MATT JONES: Thank you.

Q. Does 59 reverberate across the golf course?
MATT JONES: You could see the scoreboards the whole time, so you know he's having a good round, but he had plenty of birdies coming in, because we kept watching it and he kept getting birdie after birdie.

Q. Are you pulling for him at that point?
MATT JONES: Yes. I'm sure everyone was. Everyone wants to see people break records out here. That's what they're here for.
59 is great. He joins an elite list of players that have done it. So it's good to see.

Q. To shoot 7-under and find yourself four back has gotta be a little frustrating.
MATT JONES: Five back, which is even better. There are three rounds to go and you gotta keep playing well out here, because 12-under is one round and out here you gotta get to minimum of 20-under to have a good week, so it's a good start, but we've all got a lot of work to do.

Q. You've had some success at this tournament.
MATT JONES: Yeah. I finished 15 last year, and I think did Senden win here?
I'm not sure what it is about this course. I guess we just like the way it sets up and fits our eyes.

Q. (Indiscernible).
MATT JONES: Yeah, it's a little different when you play here. It's hard and fast for some reason for all the rain. I like it because it makes you shape shots off the tee. Everything is left-to-right, right-to-left, which suits my eye. That's why I like it.

Q. Anything in particular get you started today?
MATT JONES: I chipped in for birdie on No. 4, which kind of got me going. And I hit a great 4-iron into 7, made that birdie, and then I birdied 8. Probably I holed out from 90 yards on No. 10 for eagle, which really got me going.

Q. Finishing 17, 18 do you have the mindset of don't get in trouble here?
MATT JONES: Oh, no. I knew where the pin was, so I knew if I hit a good tee shot, I would have a good chance. It suits my ball flight, so it was a good one to finish off on.

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