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July 6, 2010

Jim Furyk

Dustin Johnson


SCOTT CROCKETT: Thanks for joining us, we appreciate your time. It's always a special couple of days here and I know you've enjoyed yourselves. Jim, if you can start us off by reflecting on the few days you've had, I know it's your first time here.
JIM FURYK: I had a blast. It's my first time. I played with some great amateurs. I was told before I came how many people would be here and they would be enthusiastic, but I was unprepared for the amount of enthusiasm. I mean, everyone was having such a great time and cheering us on. I'm amazed, actually, at what JP is able to do here, raise over 30 million Euros. Everyone respects him so much.
I think all of the golf professionals here, it seems difficult, but they show up just respecting JP, just the amount of people coming from all over the world to support a good cause, and it says a lot about him and it's amazing what he's been able to accomplish here in a couple of days.
SCOTT CROCKETT: Your impressions on the few days?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: I was unprepared. I knew it was going to be a good time. Had a lot of fun the last two days and had a chance to play with some great guys and really enjoyed it and the fans out here were great, like Jim said, they are very enthusiastic and you know, it was fun to play for them.
SCOTT CROCKETT: And your own form, you've obviously both won on the PGA Tour and been a good season for you; reflect on your seasons thus far.
JIM FURYK: It's been a good season. It's been different. I had not won the last two seasons and was real steady, consistent, seemed to finish pretty high every week. And this year has been a little bit of a feast or famine where I've played real well, and I've still probably missed a couple more cuts than usual. Had some finishes where I've made the cut and not finished that high. But when I've played well, I've played very well and been able to get over the hump.
I'll actually take two wins and a little more inconsistent any day over more consistent and no wins in two years.
SCOTT CROCKETT: Dustin, your win at the AT&T, that was a special win for you.
DUSTIN JOHNSON: Any time you get a win on the PGA Tour, it's special. It's only my third year and I've done well, and I need to get a little more consistent which I have been lately. I did miss the last cut, but just barely, and I've had a good year so far.
SCOTT CROCKETT: Plans before St. Andrews? Are you both staying over or going back?
JIM FURYK: I'm staying here in Ireland. I'm going to head to St. Andrews on Saturday, probably play my first round there on Sunday, and my plans for the next three or four days, I have my family with me so I'll probably do a little sightseeing. My kids are 6 and 8, spend some time with them, a little golf with them. Hopefully try to get some fishing in if it's possible; not in this wind for me, and probably play a round or two of golf.
But really just want to relax and spend some time with them and I will have the weekend, and especially Sunday, to get ready for St. Andrews.
DUSTIN JOHNSON: Same plan for me. I'm going to head over to St. Andrews on Saturday. I'll be in Dublin the rest of this week and play some golf, hang out, just relax, get used to the time. You know, I'll start preparing for the British on Sunday.

Q. Could you tell us where you plan to play golf in Ireland and when?
JIM FURYK: I don't know to be honest with you and I'm smart enough not to tell you where and when. (Laughter) I've seen that happen before where 250 people show up on the first tee.
But I honestly -- I don't know. There's a couple places, I'm going to is I'm essentially based in this area, Lahinch, Ballybunion. I'd like to see it because of the beauty, I'd like to see Old Head, but it's too far to get down.

Q. Those two links, are you familiar with their history and backgrounds?
JIM FURYK: A little bit. Probably not as well as I should be. I've played both courses, it's been years but I've played both.
DUSTIN JOHNSON: I haven't played either one of those courses. I'll play some courses around Dublin, probably maybe The K Club Wednesday and then a couple other courses around Dublin Thursday, Friday.

Q. Would you see playing links courses beneficial in preparing for St. Andrews?
JIM FURYK: Absolutely. I think, yes, it helps just to see the ball bounce. You are going to hit similar-style shots keeping the ball low and keeping it down in the wind. This golf course, as firm and fast as it's playing, it's not that far off. It's a little different style when you look at it, but conditions are very similar and it's very windy out there. And the ball is very firm and the ball is rolling a long way, and it's not that far outside.

Q. Can you tell us any amusing little anecdotes that might have happened to prepare you over the last couple of days out there with those crowds?
JIM FURYK: I didn't get written on today. That's pretty good.
No, I think I always try to have some banter and joke around, and sometimes people don't -- because I look so serious on television, they don't want to actually realise I'm kidding, so I catch a lot of people off-guard on the golf course which is fun. I think when you can poke humour and people can't figure it out, sometimes it's even funnier, if that makes sense.

Q. Were you really written on?
JIM FURYK: No. It's just enthusiasm. It was close. I watched a gentleman try to get an autograph so bad that he actually slipped on a cart path, twisted his ankle and fell down writhing his pain and twisting his ankle and someone said, "Well, it wasn't really worth getting an autograph, was it." It was kind of a mean thing to say. (Laughter) It was kind of funny but mean. It was just an autograph can't be all that important. I would rather say hello to someone and talk to them and meet them than that. But it's amazing how many people came out and how excited they are.
And to watch -- I was trying to get in when Paddy's group was going off 1, and obviously he is the face of Irish golf right now, even I guess you have Graeme McDowell who just won the U.S. Open. But everyone loves Paddy and to see the masses of people following him down the first fairway today, it was incredible. It was nice to see.
Everything is going fine. I meant nothing harmful by what I said. Everyone is having a great time and having fun and enjoying themselves, and as well they should be. That's what this event is about and that's why JP has it.
DUSTIN JOHNSON: We had a pretty good two days. Nothing too crazy happened. We had fun. We had a lot of laughing, good times. Just enjoyed the day. It's actually pretty nice weather. Today got a little bit of rain but it wasn't too bad.

Q. Your plans seem very similar to what Stewart Cink did last year; have you talked to Stewart about it?

Q. Are you surprised no players that once they are over this side do not do what you're planning on doing?
JIM FURYK: I used to come earlier, Tuesday, Wednesday and kind of stopped doing it, because I started getting anxious, wanting to get to The Open Championship. If you spend too long -- we are used to that, used to being at a tournament site for six days and then for a major it might be seven or eight, and that extra day or two really seems like the week is lasting very long. But to come over here for 12 or 13 days sometimes can throw you off.
But this was a good opportunity. I played with JP at the Chevron event, Tiger's event in December in the Pro-Am and he asked me to play and it was a good opportunity. My children had never been over here, and my wife is excited about showing them through Ireland a little bit. My kids, right now they want to see some castles, not sure how long that's going to last, but they are anxious to see some castles and some different things.
When my boy got here, he looked around and after about 30 minutes of saying nothing he proclaimed, "You know, it really doesn't look any different than home." (Laughter) Not sure what he was expecting because the grass is still green and the sky is still blue. It's good to come over, relax with them, show them a little bit of the world from home and I will be raring to go by the time the weekend comes.

Q. There seems to be a view in this part of the world that Europe are hot favourites for Celtic Manor in October. I would like to hear what you two gentlemen, who are both certain ties to be on the U.S. Team think about that kind of stuff.
DUSTIN JOHNSON: Any time you have a chance to represent your country in an event like The Ryder Cup, it's special. You know, it's going to be a special event and it's going to be hard and it's going to be fun. We look forward to stuff like this. It's almost kind of a break from our normal week-to-week playing. We get to have a little fun, be competitive and play against Great Britain and Ireland.
SCOTT CROCKETT: Jim, are the U.S. underdogs?
JIM FURYK: Sure. I would welcome that. I think that -- let's not put the cart before the horse. Both of us have a little work to do. I think next week will be five more weeks until our first eight are chosen. I know Dustin wants to be on the team as much as I do, and he's a great young player and I admire his game. And he's able to do a lot of things with the golf ball that very few guys on the Tour are. I think this will be his first Ryder Cup, and I think Corey Pavin would be excited to have him on the team.
As far as being underdogs, I would love to -- I think if you look at the team on paper and look at the strength of it, it's probably the way we will be considered. Our goal is always -- it hasn't always -- because we haven't had the Cup very often. But right now we do; it's sitting in Florida. It would be a nice goal to make sure it returned with us back to Florida and do the best job we can to make sure that happens. Obviously there's 12 guys on the other side that will do their best to make sure it doesn't, but it's the best event in the world, without a doubt.
I feel almost bad saying that, because there's a lot of Australians and South Africans that probably cringe at hearing that. But anyone that's played in it knows that it is as good as it gets in the world of golf and I would be real proud to represent us again.

Q. Of course you've had experience of winning with the United States on this island at Royal County Down, what memories do you have of that?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: Good memories -- inaudible. I was a little nervous, I think I even teed off before the guy got done announcing my name. But it was a good shot, and -- I hit it pretty far.

Q. You were both 40 yards ahead of Rory.
DUSTIN JOHNSON: Maybe a little more. But it was a great match; it was fun. It was just a great experience.

Q. Do you come out of that with a sense of camaraderie towards Rory and towards the guys you played against, and do you keep an eye on Rory's career and have you kept an eye on his career and how he's gotten on?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah, after an event like that, you stay friends with them and we still talk a little bit and hang out when he's around, and he's done very well. He's a very good player, a lot of respect for his game.
SCOTT CROCKETT: I think we are all done. Thank you. Appreciate your time.

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