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July 4, 2010

Jim Furyk


Q. Overall your thoughts about the week.
JIM FURYK: I played well towards the end. Once I got on the 8th tee, I made birdie there, and I played even par on the way in, but I could not get a putt to go in. I had a bunch of good birdie putts down the stretch, a good putt at 11, 12, 14, 16, just couldn't really coax one of them in. And then hit a bad drive at 18 and made bogey.
I played well the last ten holes but just got off to a horrible start, had a hard time stopping the bleeding early and put myself behind the 8-ball quick.

Q. Putting the week into perspective, what are your thoughts?
JIM FURYK: Well, I'm really disappointed with my ball-striking. I felt like I hit the ball pretty poorly most of the week, I didn't hit enough fairways, iron shots weren't very crisp, and I did a good job for the first three days kind of holding it together, getting the ball up-and-down, scoring pretty decent for the way I was hitting it to be honest with you, and it caught up with me today.

Q. Sean said he thought 7-under was probably what could win it, and you look at Justin now still hanging on at 10. Kind of surprised at that number?
JIM FURYK: I thought it would be single digits. A touch, a touch. But as the golf course dried out and firmed up, I mean, it's -- it's still not done yet, but yeah, I'm a little surprised. He's playing really well. There's a lot of depth out here and a lot of guys are very talented, and someone usually separates themselves from the pack.
He's probably disappointed from last week. I'm sure he's got a lot of fire in him right now, and I'd like to see him pull it out.

Q. Knowing you're playing here next year (indiscernible.)
JIM FURYK: Yeah, I hope everyone understands how much I appreciated it and enjoyed the encouragement out there. I needed it. But it's fun. I had a lot of friends, gave out a lot of tickets this week, and I kind of made my own crowd, and then got a little extra support from everyone in the area. It was nice to be back. I'm excited about being able to come back next year and now knowing the golf course and knowing the challenges that lie ahead.

Q. (Indiscernible.)
JIM FURYK: I mean, it's nice for the area, but I think people should know how good the golf courses in the area are, whether we have a tournament or not. I think it's more important that it's just good for the fans, great for the fans. There just hasn't been enough golf in this area for a long, long time, and now we've got three out of four years and a big tournament. I'm happy because there's so many great golf courses, so many good fans in the area, and I'm glad that we could come here.

Q. Weather for the spectators, was it pretty hot out there?
JIM FURYK: It couldn't have been better. Our weather was perfect all week. I prefer today over the other days. The hotter the better.

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