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July 3, 2010

Charlie Wi


Q. The back nine par-3 kind of cost you today, didn't it?
CHARLIE WI: Yeah, you know, actually it's the first par-3 where I made double. The greens are getting really firm out there. I was a little disappointed that I couldn't get away with a bogey. I mean, technically I should have made par.

Q. 7-iron in the middle of the green, it just rolls off the edge and all of a sudden a double bogey, and you hit a good shot.
CHARLIE WI: Yeah, pretty smart shot, and I get a 5 out of it.

Q. Nice bounce back on 15, kind of righted the ship.
CHARLIE WI: Yeah, that was a great putt. Actually I really wanted to make one on 16, as well, because I was really looking forward to being in the last group, but I'll take a day with Jeff Overton tomorrow again.

Q. Second to last group it looks like you're going to be in tomorrow. What are your thoughts? The way Justin is playing it's going to be tough.
CHARLIE WI: Yeah, but this course is not like last week's where you have to make tons a birdies. Out here you could be 1- or 2-over or you could be 2- or 3-under. That changes the momentum, and so we'll see how it goes tomorrow. I know that you have to be really patient out there. I know 1- or 2-under sounds really easy, but this golf course is definitely not easy.

Q. Take us through 14 again.
CHARLIE WI: Oh, the par-3? It was probably playing around 190 and we were just trying to carry it on about 15 on the green, or 12 yards on the green, and it trickled to the back. We landed in the perfect spot, it just happened to trickle over the green. I was about 18 feet away, bladed a wedge to five feet and three-putted from there. I was a little aggressive on the first putt but that's how I normally putt.

Q. How long was the putt on 16?
CHARLIE WI: About 30 feet, so that felt really good.

Q. 17, another short miss. Was there anything in your stroke or misreads or what?
CHARLIE WI: You know, on 17 it was a misread. I pulled it too much. It looked like it was -- it's so fast out there. The green speeds are so fast that I thought that it was going to break a lot, but it really didn't break too much.

Q. You've been in contention several times. Does the feeling kind of change as you get in those positions again and again?
CHARLIE WI: Yeah, you eat better the night before, you sleep better the night before, so you just get used to it. But it's a lot of fun.

Q. Have you learned to relish it and look at it as fun instead of --
CHARLIE WI: Yeah, not a lot of fun when you're in 30th place. It's a lot of fun when you're in contention and people are pulling for you and you're trying your best to win a tournament, it's a lot of fun.

Q. Was it a situation where more you'd get nervous and now you're having fun with it?
CHARLIE WI: Yeah, I've won numerous times overseas, but still, the PGA is the toughest Tour in the world. You give yourself enough chances and you'll break through.

Q. Describe how tough this course is.
CHARLIE WI: Well, when you're out there, it looks easy because you're hitting driver and maybe 9-iron or 8-iron to the green, but the greens are so fast and the pins are so tough that you have to be really patient out there. Watching it on TV, it's like, why can't they hit it close to the hole, they're 150 yards away, but the greens -- the conditions are so firm, it's really hard to get it close to the hole.

Q. You've played well on some really, really difficult golf courses. What is it about the more difficult tracks?
CHARLIE WI: You know, I started working with Andy and Mike. I know you guys talk about that a lot. They've really helped me with ball control.

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