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July 3, 2010

Mark Calcavecchia


Q. A 66, could have been better, you seemed so confident today. You know, you could be the Rookie of the Year if it wasn't for Couples?
MARK CALCAVECCHIA: Yeah, I think the Rookie of the Year is pretty much over with for the year but that's all right. I played well today. I needed to come out and the should something decent. I was glad to see it was windy because if you do have a good day, you can make up more ground that way.
Could have been a few better but I made a couple of putts I wasn't expecting to make either, so overall happy with that.

Q. The way you were playing and Stadler was playing, was it helping you to be concentrated, because he was playing so well?
MARK CALCAVECCHIA: Yeah, a lot of times that happens. We both got off to really good starts, he birdied the first two and I was 4-under through five and we kind of kept going.
I made a few more mistakes than he did. He only made one bogey and I made three. It does help when both guys are going well.

Q. Would you mind talking about the crowds today?
MARK CALCAVECCHIA: Crowds are great. It's great to see all these people out there.

Q. Almost PGA TOUR crowds?
MARK CALCAVECCHIA: Exactly. I heard that they were going to have good crowds this week, and thank the fans for coming out and supporting us. I think once word gets out, even the few guys that didn't come, you'll see even a better field next year. The course, it's in great shape. The greens are beautiful and the crowds are great, so it's a lot of fun.

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