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July 2, 2010

Peter Hanson


Q. Well played, after missing the cut last week, two rounds coming just at the right time for you?
PETER HANSON: Yeah, it was nice much I've been playing good over the last few weeks but I've been playing five weeks in a row. So was a bit tired last week and I can feel it this week, as well, so hitting a few sloppy shots out there and left some shots and hopefully I can get it back for the weekend.

Q. Fairly up-and-down, lots of players dropping shots on 18, dropped shots on 11 the last few days, what do you say about those holes in particular?
PETER HANSON: Two bad iron shots missing the green and not getting up-and-down. A bit disappointing but like you said, I've been hitting my good shots really well and getting them close to the hole and today I putted very nice.
Unfortunately my bad ones on 18, I hit a really wad tee shot in the water left and you have to drop in the rough and it's really hard with a flyer and to control the ball and another one in the water and ended up making 6. A bit unlucky on the last, I hit two fantastic shots, driver, 5-wood and just in the perfect spot and ended up in a hole and couldn't really do anything. I had the option of hitting it over the back of the green and that would have been bogey.
So felt after the second shot I was looking at birdie and ended up walking off with bogey so that was a bit disappointing. So hopefully, I mean, two shots come Sunday might be the difference.
My goal has been to shoot 2-under par on each nine every day and I haven't been doing that on the back nine. I've been shooting 2-under on the front and that's been my target, if I can get it to 69, under par, I know I'll have a good chance on this golf course. Just one or two shots short last year, finishing third, I feel look I want a bit of revenge.

Q. How do you enjoy playing here at Golf National?
PETER HANSON: Great course and it really suits my eye. I've been fortunate here to do well over the last few years, so hopefully, like I said, if I can go two better Sunday, I will be very happy.

Q. Did you have a chance last year?
PETER HANSON: I bogeyed the last and I think I was one behind and 3-putted the last, so I think I was two off the playoff, so a bit disappointing.
It suits my game perfect. I normally hit it fairly straight off the tee and my iron play is on a very high level. So if I can just make some putts, I normally do well.
It's a very strategic golf course, and of course, with the length that I have on the par 5s, I reach all of the par 5s, so it just suits my game perfect I think.

Q. Are you taking next week off?
PETER HANSON: I'm doing JP's Pro-Am. I've been going 35 days straight so starting to get pretty tired. With two trips to America backwards and forwards -- I think that's why those loose shots come in every now and then, I just lose concentration or I guess the body just doesn't do what it's supposed to do so hopefully I can keep concentrating for the next two days and get a good result out of it.

Q. When do you go to St. Andrews?
PETER HANSON: Sunday afternoon. I'm playing JP and I'm not going to do anything for four days. It's rest, go home and be ready, I think four or five days without any golf course. We have plenty of time Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and we have all played the course many times.

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