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July 2, 2010

Robert-Jan Derksen


Q. Before we talk about today's round, let's talk about yesterday's 63, you were three shots better than anyone else on the day, what made that so special?
ROBERT-JAN DERKSEN: I don't know, it was a little windy but I didn't think it played that difficult. I played well. I hit motivate of the fairways, most of the greens but my irons were very good and very close to the pins and that's why my putts weren't that long and I putted great. I heard some other guys saying that the greens were spiked up in the afternoon, but I hit them quite close and that's why I was able to make the birdies.

Q. Today much quieter, two birdies and two bogeys. Tell us about today's round from your point of view.
ROBERT-JAN DERKSEN: I played very good the front nine more or less, on the first 12, 13 holes. Then made two mistakes, hit one in the water on 13, and that was a drop, and had to take an unplayable on 14 the. Last five or six holes, driver wasn't very good, so I could not attack the pin. I was not in good positions but overall not too bad. It could have been better but it's a difficult course and you know you're going to make mistakes.

Q. A mixed season for you so far, a couple of missed cuts coming in here; was there a sense this week was going to be better?
ROBERT-JAN DERKSEN: The thing is I struggled at the beginning of the year. I struggled with the grooves and got that sorted after that the last say, five, six weeks I'm playing it's better. It's a course I always like, you get what you deserve more or less. If you play well you can score well. I think that mind-set helps a lot, as well, if you like the course, it's good. But I think it's been what you said, if I can drive it a little better, I think that's the main thing.

Q. This afternoon, your nation are playing Brazil, will you be watching and what's going to be the result?
ROBERT-JAN DERKSEN: Definitely be watching. The result, I've got a bet with Jos going, I said 2-1 for Holland and he said 3-1. We both think Holland wins, that's the most important thing.

Q. If they make the final will you be going?
ROBERT-JAN DERKSEN: No, I'll watch from here, or from Loch Lomond.

Q. What was the difference between your two rounds, 63 yesterday and level par today? What was the difference between the two rounds?
ROBERT-JAN DERKSEN: I think the irons weren't as close as yesterday. I think I played very good the first 12, 13 holes, had lots of chances but didn't convert them into birdies. But that was mainly because I was a little bit further away than yesterday and I didn't drive too well for the last five or six holes and got into a problem a few times and that cost me a few shots. Other than that, still satisfied, though.

Q. The greens were quite slow yesterday, did they speed up today?
ROBERT-JAN DERKSEN: Yeah, I thought they were pretty quick. Especially the last one, I hit a downhill putt, it was very tricky. Tried to get it close, and even that one ran by two feet, so definitely speeding up.
Q. Nicely placed for the weekend, still top out at the moment and after the missed cuts you've had coming into this, that will give you a real boost for the weekend.
ROBERT-JAN DERKSEN: Yeah, it will. As I said, it's a course you play and you deserve what you get. It's good. Yeah, I'm looking forward to it.

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