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July 2, 2010

Fred Couples


Q. A couple thoughts about the round?
FRED COUPLES: Just got nothing to say. It was good but not great. There's going to be hot rounds everywhere. I'm way behind but you know, if I can come out and shoot 5- or 6-under tomorrow, then I'll have a shot on Sunday. And out here, if you don't, there's only three rounds, so I'll work on my game and keep plugging along.
But I'm not playing great. So could I have been 4- or 5-under? Maybe. But the putts I made weren't very long, but I did make two bombs, which really helped out the whole round.
So I was mediocre at best today.

Q. You mentioned the big crowds out here on Friday.
FRED COUPLES: There's a lot of people, a lot of fun. That was the fun part. They have supported this tournament and this will be one of the best tournaments that we have on the Champions Tour, because obviously the course is great, but the fans coming out make the whole event, for me. I can speak for most of the players; that when you come out and play and there's 20,000 people on a Friday, that's a lot of fun. You want to play better when you always play, but when there's more people, it's a lot more fun.

Q. Do the wider fairways favor guys like you?
FRED COUPLES: You know, I don't know. If you don't putt much, you're the no going to beat many people. It's not wide open. You've got to drive it in play. The greens are a little soft, so if you're coming out of the rough, you can still stop the ball. Sunday will be different and today was an easy day I would say for this course. Tomorrow will be a little harder and a little drier and tougher.

Q. What's it like to juggle both tours?
FRED COUPLES: I'm not juggling. I'm playing the Canadian Open in a few weeks. I did that at the beginning of the year -- to answer your question, I don't think I'll be doing much of it next year but golf's golf. I don't know why people have said it's hard to play on this tour and that tour. I go and play in a tournament, the first hole has got a tee and a green and a hole whether I'm in Montréal in a Champions event. Some of the courses are hard that we play on this tour. Most on the PGA TOUR are tougher than we play, but it's not like you go out there and you don't know how to play.
It's just hard to play a lot of tournaments. I'm playing more this year than I have since 1983, and that's crazy; at my age, I I'm going to play less but this year I'm going to play a few more because I've played on a few on the regular tour.

Q. You're a big supporter of this tournament.
FRED COUPLES: Yeah, Mr. Corey is a friend, and when I see him -- he doesn't come to the United States and I don't come up here to see him and when I saw him in Florida and said he was running the tournament, I committed after the weekend because it helps him and I know how great of a job he is doing up here. I am sure I will play here every year.

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