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July 2, 2010

Joey Sindelar


Q. Joey, a 66, but it could have been much better, maybe. What happened on 18?
JOEY SINDELAR: Well, 18, strange. I have been playing golf a long time and I was ready to putt my four foot second putt and I heard -- (noise) -- on the ground and thought somebody popped a beer can and everybody was chuckling and saw it was a seagull and said, but don't worry it's good luck. I said, well, it's good luck for it the seagull but I guess he feels better because it wasn't good luck for me.

Q. Are you teaching your son to play a 1-iron?
JOEY SINDELAR: Unfortunately I'm at the stage of my life where he's about to teach me. He has the speed. I'm about to lose the speed. But it's been a great club to me.

Q. We were surprised to see you on the first tee with No. 1, but you played it perfectly. Are you going to use that No. 1?
JAMIE SINDELAR: I'm going to keep using that No. 1. It's been a great club for me and to see Dad use use it in a tournament is great experience for me to watch it.

Q. Your father must be so happy to see you on the bag, I'm sure.
JAMIE SINDELAR: I'm excited to be on the bag. I'm more proud of him. He played great today. A couple 3-putts, could have been better but it's great trying to follow in his footsteps.
JOEY SINDELAR: This is a great week, Montréal has supported this so well, we are thrilled to be here.

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