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July 2, 2010

Graham DeLaet


Q. How did it go out there today?
GRAHAM DELAET: It was a crazy day, actually. I made a ton of putts. I didn't hit the ball as well as I would have liked or expected myself to, but I holed a lot of putts, and that made up for it.

Q. Any spectacular putts?
GRAHAM DELAET: Yeah, I mean, I made one on No. 2, my 11th hole, from probably about 40 or 50 feet, kind of a double breaker, and then the very next hole I made like a 25-footer for par. So I mean, it was a fun day. It wasn't as easy as I would have liked it to be, but it was a lot of fun.

Q. You're a long driver of the golf ball. How do you like the setup here with the rough and the fairways and all?
GRAHAM DELAET: Actually I've been hitting it -- I actually got a new driver. Titleist launched a new driver here this week, and I'm hitting it further and straighter than my other one, so it's a good combination. A lot of the corners, actually, they're like 280 carries and stuff like that. That actually fits into my game pretty good because then it widens out after that and I'm blowing it over the bunkers. So the course actually suits my game pretty well.

Q. There are not a lot of great players from Canada. What are your goals and expectations for this year and the coming year?
GRAHAM DELAET: Well, we're all out here trying to win golf tournaments, so that's the main goal. But being a rookie, I want to make sure I'm out here again next year. I mean, this is the life, and I'd be extremely disappointed if I was playing somewhere else next year. Obviously the Top 125 is also a goal.

Q. What's the road been like for you getting from where you've been to here?
GRAHAM DELAET: Yeah, I mean, I went to University of Boise State and then I played Canadian Tour the last three years and mixed in a little bit with the Sunshine Tour down in South Africa last year. I was trying to do everything I could, I guess, to try to improve and get out here. It's where you want to be and it's where you want to stay.

Q. How long is the golf season normally in Saskatchewan?
GRAHAM DELAET: About six months.

Q. Do you have good weather?
GRAHAM DELAET: The summers are beautiful, yeah, but they're just not very long. Three good months, really. It takes a couple months for the courses to finally start to shape up and then by that time it seems like you have three or four nice weeks and then it's already starting to wind down, so it's nice being down here.

Q. Are you surprised that there aren't more Canadians?
GRAHAM DELAET: Yes, it is surprising, but there's a lot of really good young ones coming up. I mean, Matt Hill who's playing this week, he just turned pro, great player; Nick Taylor is another great amateur player who's coming up, and Chris Baryla is out here this week. We've got like five or six guys on the Nationwide Tour. Hopefully you'll see more and more Canadians out here in the next few years.

Q. Are you still living in Canada?
GRAHAM DELAET: No, I live in Boise, Idaho, now.

Q. Are you a hockey guy, too?

Q. So in Boise the summers are --
GRAHAM DELAET: Boise is nice. You can actually play golf year-round there. The courses stay open year-round. There's times when there's snow on the ground so you can't play, but I just go down to (indiscernible) in the winters and play there. It's not even a bad thing to take a month or two off because it seems like when you're out here playing every single week, you never have a break. So it's nice to take parts of November and December off and just kind of recharge your batteries and do some fun things, hang out with your friends and that kind of thing.

Q. (Indiscernible.)
GRAHAM DELAET: I always wanted to be a hockey player. It was never my plan to play professional golf and it just kind of happened this way. I got hurt playing hockey when I was 18 --

Q. What position?
GRAHAM DELAET: I was a center man, right wing.

Q. How did you get hurt?
GRAHAM DELAET: I actually just kind of got a little cross-check in front of the net, top of the crease, and it was kind of a weird thing. I always had a bad back, and then something just kind of tweaked and I couldn't walk for almost a month. I was always a decent golfer, and my dad said, maybe we should just try to look for a golf scholarship. I ended up in Boise, and long story short, I'm out here now.

Q. This injury happened in juniors?
GRAHAM DELAET: Yeah, I was 18.

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