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July 1, 2010

Loren Roberts


PHIL STAMBAUGH: Loren, we welcome you to the media center here at the 2010 Montréal Championship, the inaugural event. You've played in 11 events this year and you in come here on a roll having finished T-3 at the Principal Charity Classic and winning last week at the Dick's Sporting Goods Open. Maybe thoughts about your victory last week and impressions coming to Montréal for this week's event.
LOREN ROBERTS: Last week was huge for me. And I made an eagle on the 12th hole, a couple of birdies right after that that just kind of fueled everything. I felt like a chaser all day, and then making a good birdie at 18 allowed me to get the win.
So it's a good thing to happen for me. Coming up here, been looking forward to this tournament for some time. I mean, coming here, you just -- we are expecting huge crowds, and everything has been fantastic here so far. Just excited to be here and really looking for a great inaugural event and hopefully it continues to get bigger.

Q. Impressions of the golf course?
LOREN ROBERTS: Very good. Beautiful piece of property, beautiful golf course. I'm thinking that if we are going to have some warm weather that's predicted for this weekend, I think you might see some lower scores. And I think there's going to be a real shootout.

Q. For a first-year event, you've obviously been all over the world playing golf, does this have a really good feel to it in terms of a first-year event?
LOREN ROBERTS: Well, I mean, I can't believe the infrastructure work that's been done here for a first-year event. I mean, I heard it's been sold out here and they are expecting 15,000 a day to come out. I think for a first-year event -- I haven't seen a tournament run this good for a if you understand-year event, especially all of the hospitality this year and the organization has been unbelievable.

Q. What have you heard about Montréal?
LOREN ROBERTS: I realize that hockey has changed -- but I mean, I think even for the practice rounds, you're seeing a lot of people out here. There's people out here for the Pro-Am, so I know that the golf fans here are excited and I really hope the that we put on a really good show. I've heard nothing about great things about the golf up here.
Unfortunately I didn't play any of the years in the Canadian Open it was up here. I remember watching Mike Weir beat Tiger Woods a couple of years ago. I watched that.

Q. Do you ever see Montréal morphing into a really well-known golf destination?
LOREN ROBERTS: Montréal, especially a metropolitan city, I mean, this has to be one of your most special metropolitan cities in the world. Being downtown and seeing the history here and seeing how -- what's the right term, how avant garde it is, just, why not? I mean, I think golf would really play well here, I really do. I know you're somewhat limited with time in the season, but I think it will be fabulous.
I'm surprised we haven't played here more to be honest with you.

Q. Just talk about last week, do you feel like you're carrying momentum from last week into this week, and also a couple of weeks you're going to the British Open to defend your title, how important is that?
LOREN ROBERTS: Seemed like last year the same thing happened to me. I won about this time of the year, and got off a really good roll and started playing well the first part of the summer and ended up having a very good year.
So hopefully the same thing is going to happen again. I got a new driver again last week and I won the tournament. So anything -- you guys are golfers, any time you get a new club, there's a certain amount of excitement and expectation and thinking that this might be the one, you know.

Q. Can you speak to Fred Couples' play on Tour this year? Was it a surprise?
LOREN ROBERTS: Obviously it wasn't a surprise. He's still competitive as you obviously saw at the Masters this year and on the regular tour with the young guys. He hits it 300-yards plus, so he's going to kill the par 5s. I would look for his name to be very close to the top this week, early on, and all week long.

Q. Brushing up on your French at all while you're here?
LOREN ROBERTS: You know, I know I need to. Are there any of those little handbooks? (Laughter).

Q. Have you been around the town at all?
LOREN ROBERTS: I went down the other night for the Pro-Am draw party and drove around. At the St. Paul Hotel or something, in the old section, it's beautiful. I love the architecture there. I have not been to Montréal before but I've heard so much about it, and when you have beautiful old and then you have the new, also, it just works well together. And I had heard about the fireworks display on Saturday night, I heard it was fabulous.

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