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June 27, 2010

David Horsey


MICHAEL GIBBONS: David, many congratulations. Obviously very special day for you, BMW International Open Champion. Just tell us your initial thoughts how you're feeling.
DAVID HORSEY: Yeah, unbelievable. Never really in my wildest dreams did I think I would win this tournament. Being five shots back going into the last round, I thought 20-, 21-under was going to win it and I would have to go really deep.
So game plan was to go out, make plenty of birdies and stay patient, and just didn't quite happen, but birdied the third and fourth and thought here we go. Didn't birdie 5 or 6, and thought, well keep being patient. Made a good couple of saves on 7 and 8 and just played solid coming in, and again, nothing really happened for me.
Made a tap-in birdie and then nothing really until 16 and hit a nice one down the hill and obviously going down the last thinking -- well, on 16 really, I thought, that's the first time I thought I would really have a chance to win, being tied for the lead. Birdied 16. I don't know if that took me one shot clear, I don't know, I wasn't really paying much attention. But yeah, really just tried to birdie 17, 18 really and just missed on 17 and managed to birdie the last, so it was enough.

Q. What are you doing with a flag in your hand?
DAVID HORSEY: Well, I think we have got a bit of a football match going on out there.

Q. When did you realise you were in contention? Did you follow the leader board?
DAVID HORSEY: I kept following it quite a lot but I wasn't really in the mix until 16 really when I was tied for the lead.
Yeah, it's a long way back, and even then, going down 13, 14, thinking 20-under is going to win it and I had to make a lot of birdies coming in, and I didn't really need to and managed to birdie 16 and 18 and just looked at the leaderboard then and saw I was up by one.

Q. You nearly broke through in Italy doing the exact same thing; this has now completed it for you. What sort of doors do you think this will open for you now?
DAVID HORSEY: I don't know. I've not thought about it to be honest.

Q. Are you thinking about Ryder Cup, for instance?
DAVID HORSEY: Again, it's all a result of my process. That's really been my goal for the last year or so, even longer. And this is obviously the goal I was trying to get, and I've managed to obviously achieve it now and hopefully reset my goals and move onwards and upwards hopefully and many more to come.

Q. Were you wondering what the other guys were doing? There has been a few dramas.
DAVID HORSEY: There has. Coming down 18 was the only time I thought, well, I'll have a look on the board and thought there was maybe something going down 16 or 17, and thought I'll have a quick look; and saw Bradley in the weeds on 16, and just paid no attention to it. Tried to concentrate on my game, and made sure I birdied the last and get my job done, and I'm proud did I that really. I learnt a lot from playing in Italy.

Q. What exactly happened in Italy? How was the tournament?
DAVID HORSEY: I was one back going down the last, so Fredrik was playing behind me and we had a bit of wait on the tee, there was a ruling going on on the green and I pushed my tee shot into a tree which went into the right rough and it was right and didn't manage to get it back in play. So bogeyed the last there to lose by two in the end. So disappointing, but learnt from it and then now here I am today.

Q. How do you handle that this is an important win for you, and tomorrow everybody is thinking England versus Germany?
DAVID HORSEY: Well, hopefully England more than Germany, but yes, fantastic. I tried to play my own game today and did that really well so I'm really pleased and hopefully this will be the first of many.

Q. What's your tip?
DAVID HORSEY: What's my tip? 2-1 England, obviously.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: Thanks for joining us.

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