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June 27, 2010

Scott Verplank


Q. Scott, what you did on the back side today is why this tournament is a whole lot of fun.
SCOTT VERPLANK: You know, you're right. There's definitely some chances out here. You know, it's really a great tournament golf course on the last -- really the Back 9, but particularly starting with the 13th hole, lots of things can happen, and some big swings and big changes. At least on two of the holes I was on the right end of that deal.

Q. Talk to me about the hole-outs at 13 and 15.
SCOTT VERPLANK: Well, 13 I hit a great drive and hit a 3-wood on the back, and I had a long putt. It was probably a 50-footer. But I switched putters yesterday.
I've always used that Penn and I switched to one of those ghost putters from TaylorMade. And it's helped. I mean I putted a whole lot better. If I'd have putted this good Thursday and Friday, I wouldn't have been so far behind.
But chipped it downhill, 50-footer, and it might have gone off the green if it didn't hit the middle of the hole. It was picking up speed, but it was right in the middle. Sometimes that happens. I had a lot of good ones that looked like they were going right in the middle and they missed.

Q. Then 15 you short sided yourself in a bunker.
SCOTT VERPLANK: Yeah. 15 it rolled off the edge, went in the bunker, but you know, I had a perfect lie. Very difficult shot, that's a tough pin.
And you know, I kind of watched the guy in front of me, Carl Pettersson, hit it, and he didn't hit it hard enough and it rolled back down. And I said, well, you know, I only got one choice and that's to try to make it, because if you're just trying to get it up there good, there's a lot more room for error. And I said, I gotta try and make this shot. As soon as I hit it, you know, I could tell it was going to be really good. So you gotta have that stuff.

Q. Then on 17 and 18 you really were unlucky. Both of them burned the edge.
SCOTT VERPLANK: Yeah. 17, I can't believe that my sand wedge there backed off. I actually thought it was going to fly to the hole. I thought I really stuck that one. And it backed up on the fringe, and the putt apparently it bounced as soon as I hit it and it came up half a roll short, maybe not even a half roll.
But 18, I hit a good putt. I thought it was really going to be straight, and it broke a little to the left.

Q. You are five down and six to go. Do you think you can win this thing still?
SCOTT VERPLANK: I don't know. You know, there's birdie holes coming in. If we have a couple of disasters, you know, maybe, but I played well today. My goal today was to shoot 7-under, and I really thought I was going to get there, particularly after I made it on 15. So played well.

Q. You had a great run. Maybe we'll see some more of you.
SCOTT VERPLANK: Well, I hope so. That would be good.

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