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June 27, 2010

Chris Riley


Q. Chris, you bogeyed the first two holes, you're going nowhere. Then all of a sudden all heck breaks loose.
CHRIS RILEY: You know what, the funny thing is is I just love this golf course. I don't know what it is. You can make a lot of great scores coming in, and I just told myself to hang in there.
And you know, it's so bunched up out there I wasn't even looking at the scoreboard, so I knew I wanted to birdie 16, 17 or 18. But it just didn't happen.

Q. You birdied 13 and 15, the hole some people think are eagle holes, but you eagled the 14th.
CHRIS RILEY: Yeah, I hit a wedge in the hole. It was awesome. You don't expect those to go in, but it was nice to make a 2 there. Definitely helped.

Q. A lot of water under the bridge since you finished second to Peter here in '03. You love this golf course?
CHRIS RILEY: Yeah. Yeah. You know what, and I really don't feel comfortable on it because it's pretty tight in spots, and I should because I'm a straight, short hitter, but I don't know, it's just one of those courses that just -- I play well here.

Q. You, Ryan Moore, Charley Hoffman, Bill Lunde, all you Vegas guys, what is it with you guys all here this week? You've all played well.
CHRIS RILEY: I don't know. UNLV has a great -- Coach Knight does a great job at UNLV, and I guess -- you know what, the greens are a lot like what we have in California where we're all from, so maybe that's it.

Q. Are they really?
CHRIS RILEY: Yeah, they are.

Q. Okay. All right. Well, again, congratulations on a great run.

Q. (Indiscernible).
CHRIS RILEY: You know what, I was just cruising along. I bogeyed my first two, and then I was just trying to get back to even on the day, and I did that on the front. And then the Back 9 I was hoping to just go as low as we can, and I shot one in from the fairway, and I made some birdies. And you know, it's not playing that easy out there.
I laid up on 13 when I had the green light to go for it, but I just didn't feel comfortable, and I made birdie there, and that kind of started -- kept me going.

Q. Tell us about that second on 14.
CHRIS RILEY: It was like 155, and I hit a nice wedge in there and went right in the middle, it was perfect. So it felt pretty good, and it feels good to keep creeping back to where I need to be. And you know, it's a stepping stone, so it's going to be a good finish for me.

Q. And you'll try to keep the momentum going next week. Do you think it's an advantage or disadvantage for someone like you?
CHRIS RILEY: I think it's going to be neutral for everyone really who's played the golf course Aronimink. It's going to be a great test, and I'm looking forward to seeing Tiger next week, and it's going to be a great show.

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