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June 26, 2010

Colin Montgomerie


COLIN MONTGOMERIE: The physio, the doctor, under 21 doctor has been brilliant. Can't even remember his name. Just call him Doctor.

Q. Painkillers, strapped, as well?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: What am I not got on? I have tape on my back, tape here, I have all sorts. Old age. Just wear and tear. Had it now.

Q. Next few weeks in a row; fancy the prospect?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I've got to play. Not that I have got to play; I want to play. So I will.

Q. Given the pain, were you anywhere near pulling out today?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Oh, pulling out; pulling out every hour, God, yeah. Pulling out every hour. So just going to head off there now and see what he's going to say for himself today. When he gives me these injections, it's hideous.

Q. Two or three at a time?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I wish. There's 15 on Thursday and I've got the same today or more. I thought the dentist was bad. This is fortunate, yes. Fortunate; Flat as a pancake, this course, so it's is as easy as you would have.

Q. Not so next week?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Next week is okay. France is okay. Scotland is okay. No, not bad. St. Andrews, you can't get many hills there. If you can't cross the Swilken Bridge, you can't be playing.
I have a day on Monday and I've asked for a buggy to get around. So I'm struggling, really struggling.

Q. Scottish Open, great international field. European-wise, not so good, only two of the Top-12.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yeah, a lot of them now practise for The Open, don't they. A lot of them decide to go the Harrington route learning from his success and a lot of them are going to the J.P. McManus Pro-Am and then they go off to Ireland and practise the way Watson used to do and the way Harrington has done over the years and a lot of them are going that now. I can't and wouldn't do that for the sake of the Scottish Open.

Q. Barclays, suffers, doesn't it?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Barclays suffers. But I'm there, so it's all right then. (Laughter). That wasn't funny.

Q. Three of the current major champions are playing.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Graeme McDowell is playing and Mickelson is playing and Mr. Yang, is he? They are all playing? Well, there you go. That's super?

Q. And Dale Whitnell, as we spoke about yesterday.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: And Dale. Of course, well, that's the fourth major.

Q. If he wins it, you won't be laughing then.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: You'll be laughing then if Dale comes through.

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