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June 26, 2010

Paul Lawrie


Q. Still in with a chance of winning the tournament?
PAUL LAWRIE: Very frustrating today. Played beautiful today. Best I've played for a long, long time and 4-under was the most it could have been. To be fair, for the third day in a row, because the first day was the same and yesterday I had 7-under par with the putter and shot 7-under. So playing good but need to hole a few more putts.

Q. I had a solid start, par, par, par, and burst on to the scene with that eagle; did you think this was going to be the kick-start?
PAUL LAWRIE: I hit a beautiful tee shot off the sixth tee, nothing was wrong with the driver, hit 6-iron in there and maybe four feet, five feet and knocked that in.
Hit the next six or seven sort of greens, but then sort of, you know, good chances and didn't make an awful lot. But at the end of the day, you're kind of going to be sort of three, four, five behind, so got a chance tomorrow.

Q. About staying patient, isn't it, when you know you're playing well and the putts are not dropping?
PAUL LAWRIE: It's very hard because it's frustrating, because I could probably be six or seven shots better the last three days and been about right, but you don't get that, that's not golf, that's not how it is. So I'm pleased to be 14-under and with a chance to win tomorrow.

Q. And you're in the final few groups, got a chance to put some pressure on before the final group go out now?
PAUL LAWRIE: Yeah, probably the second-to-last group which is fine. You kind of need to go out there and get a fast start and try to get some birdies on the board.

Q. How far was the 6-iron you hit?

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