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June 26, 2010

Bradley Dredge


MICHAEL GIBBONS: Thanks again for joining us, third day in a row. 67 today, three-shot lead going into the last round, give us your thoughts on that.
BRADLEY DREDGE: Yeah, I mean, obviously very pleased with my position. I'd like to be five or six ahead, but three will do.
Today's round, 67 was a good effort again. Felt I wasn't my best tee-to-green but short game was very good again.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: Will there be a strategy for tomorrow?
BRADLEY DREDGE: Obviously a three-shot lead allows me to look at what the other guys are doing, but around this course, you know that there's going to be guys shooting low numbers, so when I can attack with wedges and short irons, well, and play sensible the rest of the time on the greens and other types of holes with the mid-irons.

Q. Flying start, three birdies in five holes, that's one way to get a cushion, isn't it?
BRADLEY DREDGE: Yeah, especially on the first, I didn't hit a very good drive and pretty good recovery shot and pitched in from the back of green for a three. It's always nice when you start like that. Hit it stone-dead on the third hole. Just knocked in a 12-, 15-foot putt on the fifth. That sort of start, you know, it sort of does help to settle you down, but especially around this course, you can get it going around. But you're always looking for birdies, really.

Q. You seemed to cruise around quite a bit in the round, but in the last couple of holes, what did you do on 16, because many pros attacked the green today and tried to make birdies; did you try to get more cushion on the last holes or did you just play safe?
BRADLEY DREDGE: On 16, that's a good example today, you can go for the green and be faced with a tough chip still. I just didn't want to bring five or worse into the equation really and hit a 6-iron and a gap wedge. I had 105, 106 yards from the middle of the fairway, so from that sort of range I'm looking to really hit the ball inside of 15 foot.
So really, I feel as though I was playing to my strength because my wedge play is good and I'm taking five out of the equation by doing that.

Q. We can remember how many ahead you were in your previous wins with a round to go?
BRADLEY DREDGE: Good question. I know I won by eight both times -- no, but I'm sure you'll tell me tomorrow. (Laughter). I think in Madeira I was quite a bit ahead, and in Switzerland, it was a little closer.

Q. You're a very good frontrunner?
BRADLEY DREDGE: Yeah, hopefully, hopefully.

Q. Is it the first time that you've been leading like since the first day and through to the third round leading all the way?
BRADLEY DREDGE: No, I think in Qatar this year, I think I was pretty much leading for the three days.

Q. Would this be your biggest win?
BRADLEY DREDGE: For me, I think it would be, I'm pretty sure that would be true, I think so.

Q. You've got Ross Fisher to contend with tomorrow; strategy against him, or is it just the course?
BRADLEY DREDGE: Well, it's a bit of both. You know, obviously I'm going to -- it's a three-shot lead and I've got to see how well he's doing. He might start off and play great. I'm sure there's going to be somebody coming at me from the pack somewhere.
Like I said, you know, you've got to expect some low numbers around here. I think the weather is going to be good again tomorrow. To secure a win, I guess I'd have to shoot something in the 60s to secure a win. If I did that, I would have thought somebody would have to play pretty special then to beat me.

Q. Could you tell us something about the course, how you like it and how it's shaped, do you see the difference between the last couple of years? And what kind of weather do you prefer tomorrow? You're a Welsh guy and maybe yesterday the weather was pretty bad in the evening, lots of rain, so tomorrow it's going to be sunny; do you like it or do you more prefer windy, a bit cloudy?
BRADLEY DREDGE: No, I'm a fair weather golfer. I always prefer -- if it's raining in Wales, I don't go out.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: How do you ever practise?
BRADLEY DREDGE: Well, I've got a place in Spain. (Laughter).
MICHAEL GIBBONS: And the course?
BRADLEY DREDGE: I've played here for so many years now, you get so used to coming back to the same place and hitting the same shots off tees and expecting the same sort of approach shots into the green. And pretty much, I think pretty much most time we come here, the course is always in good condition.
You almost get used to playing the shots and it's a definite advantage for guys that have been here over the years. You always feel more comfortable with tee shots and with approach shots, and obviously knowing the greens better, as well.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: Bradley, wish you luck for tomorrow. Well done. Thank you.

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