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June 25, 2010

Cam Fowler


Q. What do you know about the Ducks and the organization and joining them in their depth charts?
CAM FOWLER: You know what, I've followed the Ducks for a couple of years now. They're definitely heading in the right direction. They have so many pieces to the puzzle. I'm not exactly sure about their overall roster. Guys that they're signing and everything, I'm so excited to be a Duck here. It's a great day for me for sure.

Q. (No microphone).
CAM FOWLER: That was such an honor for me to go up on the stage and shake his hand. He's someone that I've followed ever since I was young, and somebody that I try to pattern my game after.
So it's just like I said, it was huge for me to shake his hand and be a part of an organization that he was a part of.

Q. What was it like to be waiting?
CAM FOWLER: Oh, tough. You know, the wait, no matter what you're doing, the wait is always hard. When you have high expectations for yourself and people are saying certain things and it doesn't end up working out, it's tough.
But I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I think I came to a great organization who was excited to have me. At the end of the day, that's all that really matters. You want somebody that's confident in you and somebody that's happy to have you aboard.

Q. (No microphone).
CAM FOWLER: It's a goal I've set for myself to try to play next year. But I've got to go into training camp and prove myself. I've got to continue to develop and get stronger. But I'm definitely going to give it a great effort and try to crack the lineup.

Q. Cam, were you surprised?
CAM FOWLER: You know what, there were some great players drafted up there. I was happy to see guys like Nino and guys like that. You know, we got to meet some of those guys with the certain things that we've been doing. So it's kind of like a big family now. We've all been drafted into the NHL. I'm happy for those guys, and I hope everything works out for them.

Q. Did you use that as motivation?
CAM FOWLER: Yeah, definitely. You know, it's hard every time you're projected as a top pick. You kind of slide. It's tough.
But, yeah, like you said, it's something to use as motivation going into training camp. Now that I'm part of an NHL team, my mind's on nothing but hockey right now. I wish I could go out there and play right now and use some of that anger.

Q. Would you theorize why you went lower than you were hoping for or thought you would go?
CAM FOWLER: You know, I really have no idea. That's part of the process. These NHL teams are looking for a certain type of player. It just seems that I didn't fit any of those up until now.
But like I said, you want to find a team that's going to be the right situation for you and someone that's just as excited tough that you are to be a part of their team. So who knows why it happened, but like I said, they've got some great players out there and I'm just happy I'm here as a Duck now.

Q. What did Scott say to you on the podium?
CAM FOWLER: He just said congratulations, and I was like oh, my God, it's Scott Niedermayer, and the rest blocked out there from there. But I told him it's a huge honor and hopefully I can get to talk to him more and pick his brain about things.

Q. Likely maybe a passing of the generation? Same type of players?
CAM FOWLER: Oh, I wouldn't go that far. He's done so much for the game. He's such a winner in this game. I'm sure it was a huge loss for Anaheim.
But I do like to pattern my game off him a little bit, and smooth-skating defenseman that can contribute offensively. I'm definitely going to do my best to contribute to the team.

Q. (No microphone).
CAM FOWLER: I'm still young, growing into my body, and that's part of the huge transition of the NHL players. They're so much bigger and stronger. Just got to continue to work out in that way.

Q. Were you interviewed during the scout progress?
CAM FOWLER: I didn't even have an interview with them in the combine. They said they were really surprised that I fell to them. I went to a camp one time with Coach Newell Brown. I stayed at his house for a week and developed a great relationship with him. I do have some connections with the organization, and it just seems like everything fell into place.

Q. (No microphone).
CAM FOWLER: That would be weird for sure. I'd have to put everything I can to slip it past that kid. He's unbelievable. I was really happy to see him go so high. Being American, you tend to root for your American boys. It's going to be great to have him as a teammate in Windsor. Who knows, a few years down the line, we'll be facing off against each other.

Q. They said they've got a franchise defenseman. What does Dallas get?
CAM FOWLER: They've got a franchise goalie, that's for sure. He's going to work his butt off. Never seen a kid with so much desire and so humble at the same time. A great friend of mine, and I'm truly happy for him.

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