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June 25, 2010

Paul Lawrie


PAUL LAWRIE: Yesterday I didn't make many putts but today I played nicely and putted nicely. Holed my fair share today, which is nice. Not often here we say that.

Q. How many?
PAUL LAWRIE: Putts? Oh, I don't know. Not silly. I didn't hole -- I missed sort of at least three or four, but I hit the ball really nicely. I made a hell of a birdie at 14. I hit a good drive off the tee, 4-iron 12 feet left of the pin and rolled it in off the right.
I've been playing well for a while. I've been hitting it nicely for a long, long time. But today, you've just got a little bit of the two of them together which is what you need. 7-under is the most it could have been really.

Q. What's your best result here?
PAUL LAWRIE: Not very good. I've really struggled here. We were just talking about that a few weeks ago. I can't remember the last time I made the cut, never mind play well.

Q. But you were always going to play it?

PAUL LAWRIE: Well, it's a nice event, isn't it. I like coming here, I like Munich, I like the course and BMW are a great supporter of the Tour. So I wouldn't not come here. It's always on my schedule coming here.

Q. Did you play the Scottish challenge?
I played in the Pro-Am and did a very nice little Q&A at night. I don't know who asked the question but somebody was asking the questions, that was good fun; he did go straight for the jugular, asking me about the 8-putt in Wales but you're expecting that. I nearly putted off the green today -- which hole, the 6th, it was back left and nearly putted off again.

Q. What did you think on the journey home about that?
PAUL LAWRIE: I didn't know I had missed the cut by one next morning. I was on the phone with a pal of mine and obviously the way I was talking, I didn't know. He said, "You don't know you missed by one, do you?" And no, I didn't know that. There you go, because I played awesome in Wales and missed the cut by a shot. I've had a few of them.

Q. Is it sort of -- how did I do that?
PAUL LAWRIE: Put these things behind you. I'm not a better person. (Laughter).
I've never putted off a green before and to do it twice on the same hole is incredible. Never done anything like that my whole career, so one of these bizarre, stupid positions to be in.

Q. Playing next week?
PAUL LAWRIE: Yeah, playing the next four, this one and then the next three. Great time of year, France is a good event and Scotland and the Open. I'll just play Tuesday, Wednesday.

Q. Is St. Andrews your favourite or Carnoustie?
PAUL LAWRIE: No, St. Andrews is up there, isn't it, like everyone else, the first couple of times I played it, you wonder what it's all about and actually the more you play it, you love it, its little quirks.

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