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June 25, 2010

Pablo Larrazabal


MICHAEL GIBBONS: Pablo, thank you for joining us, very well played, 66-66, 12-under. Give us your thoughts on the first two days and how it's going for you.
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: Yesterday was a very solid 66. I hit the ball great yesterday. And today, you know, I started making those birdies, 2 and 3, with two great shots and then I start to miss a lot of fairways. On the front nine, I made only one fairway to shoot 2-under. So was a little bit taking it slow around, and then I start to play great golf. I made birdie on 11. 15, I made birdie having 45 yards to the flag as my second shot. Great save on 14. I didn't play that good. I just made some putts at the end, some great putts at the end, and, you know, unfortunately I didn't make the putt on 18. But yeah, I didn't play as good as yesterday today. I putted great.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: But you have been playing well in general and the form is getting better, hasn't it.
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: Yeah, I am not losing the ball with my tee shot. I am putting the ball in play, and you know, maybe that's the difference of some of the rounds I played in the past. I'm putting the ball in play from the tee and putting great, putting great.
Yesterday, 27 putts, today around 25 or 27 again. I'm putting almost like a couple years ago in France, yes.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: And you have your brother, Alex, back on the bag; is that helping you?
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: Yeah, you know, it's great to have someone who knows what's going on out there. My brother played a lot of professional golf. He played two majors. He knows what's going on out there when you have pressure. And it's good to have someone with those feelings.
You know, he reads greens very good, almost always the same kind of break as me. So we are doing a great job.
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: On the course, it's more a caddie than a brother on the golf course.

Q. He's not your regular caddie, though?
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: Not at the moment. We are trying to work together for these three weeks, Loch Lomond, and let's see what happens, maybe I win all three tournaments and he wants to go to The Ryder Cup, too. So, who knows.

Q. Is your brother still playing professional golf?
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: My brother, he's not playing now. You know, this game is very hard. We all know that this game is very tough, and at the moment, he's having a little break. He practised a little bit playing two or three, four tournaments of the Spanish Tour, but not too many.
He enjoys to be around here. Playing the Spanish Tour is not a job. You cannot make money. You cannot live playing the Spanish Tour. So he's having fun here and he's a great caddie, so he can have a big career, not only caddying with younger brother; he's a great caddie.

Q. Are you getting better at patience?
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: I am. I'm trying to work on that. I don't know how to say in English, the revolutions, a little bit down. Trying to be calm when I'm making a putt or missing a shot. Trying to be -- I learned a lot from some of the guys out here that but I'm not going to tell you.

Q. And does Alex help you with that?
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: He doesn't help me, but I don't want to be like him. He was very young when he played professional golf. He was very young on the golf course, more than me. So I want to be calm. I want to focus on how good I can be. It's something I learned from other professional golfers, not only because my brother is around I'm being a good boy.

Q. Growing up, who did you think would be the better player, you or him? Did you think he would be a better player than you would be?
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: He won a major championship, British Open, it was a major championship. So golf is about titles. He has a bigger title than me. He's in the history of golf. I'm not, yet.

Q. What do you think will be the finishing score of the tournament? What's your goal for the tournament scoring-wise?
PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: My goal? My goal is to try to have fun and keep having fun, keep the same way on the golf course. I'm not thinking in scores. The winning score is going to be around 20 but I'm not thinking about it. If I'm having fun and I make 15-under or 18, it will be a great tournament for me, because the last few tournaments, I'm not having 100 per cent fun on the golf course. And if I have 100 per cent fun on the golf course in four days, I don't care who wins the tournament.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: Pablo, we wish you good luck the rest of the week.

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