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June 25, 2010

Bradley Dredge


MICHAEL GIBBONS: Thank you for joining us. 67 today. Good consolidating of the 64. You must be quite pleased with that.
BRADLEY DREDGE: Yeah, quite pleased with the round today. It's a good score, like you said, to follow up from the first day. Didn't play as well today. Struggled a little bit but made two eagles which really kept the score going and end of the day still pleased with my position obviously.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: Tell us about the two eagles, please.
BRADLEY DREDGE: Started on 10, hit drive and rescue to the green on 11 and rolled that in.
On the sixth hole, I hit 3-wood, 4-iron, a little off the back of the green just off the back edge, so a good sort of 45 feet and rolled that in for another week, a bomb, that one.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: You must be looking forward to the weekend, leading.
BRADLEY DREDGE: Yeah, ultimately, I get myself up for these big tournaments and I need to get some points on the board. I'm very aware that I've put myself in a good position again and I'd like to have a good weekend now and put myself in with a chance of winning on the last few holes on Sunday.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: Is The Ryder Cup one of those things?
BRADLEY DREDGE: Well, I'm quite a ways behind but this month I've got four big tournaments in a row so things can change very quickly, and you never know, now is the time to do it. It's still mathematically possible for me to get into The Ryder Cup and I'll be trying until it's not.

Q. Have you heard the ceremony on Sunday is now one hour earlier?

Q. The tournament should end at 3.45 so then there will be only 15 minutes for the ceremony, but won't be a problem for you I guess?
BRADLEY DREDGE: If I'm collecting the trophy, I don't really mind what time we finish or what football's on. I'll be quite happy to just be holding the trophy by myself. It's no problem for me.

Q. Do you see any other advantage that you're from Wales; many others are from England and not so concentrated?
BRADLEY DREDGE: It could well be. It's such a big game for Wales -- for England and for Germany. (Laughing).
As I said yesterday, I mean, I will be sort of on the side of the English guys and I do hope they do well.

Q. You're still gunning for The Ryder Cup spot, of course and so you have four tournaments in a row, France, Scotland and the British?
BRADLEY DREDGE: It's four big events, and a lot of money up gore grabs in the next few events, a lot of World Ranking points. So it's still possible to get on the team and like I said, until it's mathematically not possible, then I'll sort of scratch it off my to-do list.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: Bradley, thank you for joining us.

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